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Friday, January 23, 2004

Bob Keeshan, a/k/a "Captain Kangaroo," 1927-2004, R.I.P.

I look back fondly at my own childhood. And although I truly regretted the loss of Fred "Mister Rogers" Rogers almost a year ago (and I'll get to the exact reason why in a moment), I was quite literally shocked by Friday's news that Bob Keeshan, better known as "Captain Kangaroo," had died.

(By the way, when I originally wrote this column, I used his proper name, Robert, in the title. However, it didn't look right, probably because I rarely saw him referred to as "Robert," so I edited the earlier version of this posting. After all, when it comes to celebrities, we might as well go by the names they're best known by, which in many cases aren't even their real names anyway!)

Undoubtedly due to the film "Dead Poets Society," a lot of people who couldn't otherwise give a fig about Walt Whitman are familiar with the "O Captain! my Captain" phrase from the poem called (amazingly enough) "O Captain! My Captain!" I've got to admit, I almost called this entry "O Captain! My Captain!" then realized that it was so flamin' obvious that numerous other tribute articles about Bob Keeshan will use it as -- or reference it in -- their title. So my usual "R.I.P." title will have to do.

Whenever I list a celebrity death on my RantZ page, I'll eschew any sort of lengthy biographical data, assuming that if you need and/or want to know anything... well, you're already on the internet. For right now, I just want to state that I always lament the passing of those who truly believe in what they do. Bob Keeshan, like his friend Fred Rogers, had a quaint but vitally needed sincerity that we don't often see the likes of nowadays.

And the fact that we don't often see such sincerity... ummm... stinks. (I could have said worse, but the Captain's watching me now!)

Thanks for your time.

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