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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! new neighborhood, that is!

You see, I've been blogging under the same title, "David'Z RantZ," since late 2003. "Since" doesn't account for the last year-and-a-half, which could charitably be referred to as an "extended hiatus," or uncharitably referred to as a "you lazy f**ker" stage.

Anyway, my original series of blogs was published here. My reason for moving, I hasten to mention, was in no way influenced by anything done by the webmaster of Diaryland (and read that again, please, it's "DIARY-land," not "DAIRY-land") to tick me off. I've just decided that I need more motivation than before to write these things on a regular basis, and... Well, let me explain. Like you could stop me.

Those of you who read my old series of blogs will no doubt recall frequent periods of two or three months where I wrote nothing, punctuated by an eventual "No, I'm not dead" blog. And with all the crap going on in my personal life at any given time, I could always defensively reply "Hey, I don't make any money from my blog!" if anybody complained.

But now, at this new location, I'll be using a combination of internet affiliate plans and Google's AdSense to get at least a small amount of money for writing David'Z RantZ. In other words, yes, I'm $elling out, kinda/sorta. So even 'though this initial blog at my new location is entitled "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!" I may soon be writing a follow-up entitled "Selling Out, Part Two!"

Now, if you've never encountered "David'Z RantZ" before, my entries are basically a combination of my ranting on whatever topic I deem suitable (usually greatly exaggerated for a hopefully comic effect), and -- as it turned out over time -- a listing of obituaries for celebrities I admired. Actually, they're more correctly categorized as personal tributes rather than straight obits. I occasionally posted entries called "Short Shorts" which were brief comments on various unrelated subjects.

The "new" "David'Z RantZ" will still have all of that crap... errr, I mean, good stuff... plus two new regular features. The first will be called "From the Archives," which will reprint blogs from the old location, blogs which will hopefully be worthy of reprinting. Along with the reprinted item, there'll naturally be updates from my own worst critic, namely myself. The second feature will be entitled "From the IMAGINARY Archives" and will consist of blogs I would have written on such-and-such a date, if I hadn't been so lazy.... I mean, busy... at that time.

And what of my old URL? Well, that'll stay up there for the foreseeable future, at least until I've strip-mined it of all the archives I want to reprint here. So if you're just now encountering "David'Z RantZ" and want a look at its (my?) checkered past, feel free to visit here.

Until next time, boys'n'girls...

Thanks for your time. (Better get used to that little phrase, too. I use it -- or a slightly re-worded version, as appropriate -- to close every blog entry!)

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