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Friday, March 14, 2008


Since I started blogging at this new URL, which was only about a month ago, most of my entries have been new, while some have been lifted from my old website and designated as being "From the Archives."

Funny thing. Only the brand new posts have received comments from my readers. Anything labeled "From the Archives" has received no comments whatsoever. I'm not sure why that is, but it seems an unlikely coincidence. Maybe people are ignoring anything from the archives because they figure they've already read it? That would make sense if it wasn't for the fact that I already have a lot more readers in this location than at the old one -- say, eight million as opposed to six?* -- so most of you haven't read the older stuff... and I assume you're smart enough to have realized that. I mean, what, are you avoiding the "archived" crap anyway, out of some misguided gut reaction?

So I tried a little experiment with the posting entitled "There's No Need to Fear." That was a golden oldie, folks! It originally appeared at my old web address back on... well, I've already deleted it without noting the date, but I do know it was written very soon after one of the Super Bowls, so it was at least two years old. Maybe three. I edited it slightly, and palmed it off on you as new. What the hell, why not? I own it.

And you read it this time around, and left comments, too, so I know you read it. Heh, heh, heh. So guess what I'll be doing -- for the most part -- from now on, whenever I want to use an older entry?

And the beauty of it is that no one will know, except for... what, like, two of you, who will no doubt say, "Oh, terrific, the butt-head's recycling again!"

Well, of course I am. Recycling is a good thing. In fact -- and this is right outta the headlines, boys'n'girls -- God wants us to do it!

And you don't wanna tick Him off, do you?

Thought not.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. ~~ I made two entries shortly after midnight this morning, so make sure you check out my previous post!

*Yeah, I'm exaggerating both numbers for emphasis. Lighten up, dude.


  1. David M.
    Funny blog. Really enjoyed it! Now don't be late for work at That's Entertainment today because I'm coming in late. Fondly, your old boss, Paul
    PS. Perhaps I'm recycling this old comment!? hmmmmm?

  2. Don't be late? Why, isn't Patrick working today?

  3. David: 1. I wasn't on-line at the time of your last site venture. It took a while but, I finally crawled out of my cave and got a computer. Forgive an old tar, but I'm still learning.

    2. Unless I'm blind, I do not see anything marked as "archive(s)" on your blog. I do see an "older posts" which I have faithfully read, and applied comments on those entries of interest.

    3. I agree that recycling is a good thing. We just shouldn't have to rinse out every damn can, jar, and bottle! What a waste of water! It all goes to the dump( excuse me, recycling and/or transfer station ).

    and 4. some of this stuff we've talked about long ere you even had a computer. But it's good to rehash dusty memories.

    Now excuse me. I have to go to That's E! There should be something in my box.

  4. I was trying to scrub the toliet clean and so missed you previous entries.

  5. It's not just that I didn't have a computer; I was recycling my old kitchen cabinets-right into the old wood stove.

  6. Subtorp:

    1. No excuse.

    Other, older stuff is still there, at

    2. Titles of my "From the Archives" posts here, on Blogger, were as follows:

    a. "From the Archives: 'The Last Time I Saw Paris' " (2/13)

    b. "From the Archives: 'An Open Letter to A President' " (2/19)

    c. "From the Archives: 'Oscar the Grouch?' and 'Good Thing' " (2/26)

    Either that, or, as you suggested.... You are blind. Which would be a much better excuse. This time. But I'm watching you, now, trouble-maker... !

  7. Jayne: Scrubbing the toilet? Oh, come now, Jayne, that's a really... umm... crappy excuse!

    So to speak.

  8. I'm not allowed to read anything marked "from the archives."

    It's in the Canadian Constitution.

    No, really, would I lie to you?

  9. I'm hoping you give us your views on the last episode of M*A*S*H.

    I think it's on next week.

    (That BJ Hunnicutt cracks me up!)

    (And get rid of the word verification thingy...once in a great while you might get a spam or something...and then you can write about it)

  10. Cake: Canada has a constitution? Wow...

    IANO: I don't think you meant M*A*S*H, I think you meant another show. BJ Hunnicutt? Never heard of him, and I know all the regulars. Hawkeye, Trapper John, Radar, Colonel Blake, etc.

    And I like the idea of encouraging, not preventing, spam. Only you would see that as a positive.

  11. Not only does Canada have a constitution, they also have a national anthem. We did Naval Ops back in '88( 1988, that is )with our northern brothers and dreaded getting caught out in a "double anthem" when topside.

    And since when is NOT having a computer an invalid excuse? What? You think I'm techno advanced or something?

  12. I still tear up when Radar comes in and tells us that Col. Blake's chopper went down in the Sea of Japan.

    There were no survivors.


  13. But we never saw the body! If M*A*S*H had been a comic book, Blake would've shown up sometime the following season!

  14. lol For me, this is all old stuff of yours but new stuff to me... archived and all. The only thing I have decided to skip is celebrity obits of celebrities I am either not familiar with or was never attached to. Everything else is fair game. :)


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