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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Love Stevie

No, no, no... Sorry to disappoint you, I'm not coming out of the closet or anything. No, I'm talking about Stevie Nicks, formerly of the Buckingham Nicks duo, then with Fleetwood Mac, and soloing since then. Yep, I've been a fan of hers for more than thirty years.

Having said that, I wanted to mention something which occurred to me years ago, but I uncharacteristically kept my mouth shut because I didn't have a forum like this back then.

In "Dreams," Stevie wrote/sang, "Thunder only happens when it's raining." Well, Ms. Nicks, sorry to (the pun is unavoidable) rain on your parade, but that just simply isn't true.

In "Edge of Seventeen," Ms. Nicks also wrote "The clouds never expect it when it rains." Hmm. Chick's got a thing for rain, doesn't she?

"The clouds never expect it when it rains." That one could be true. I wouldn't know.

And why wouldn't I know?

Because I don't have conversations with f**king clouds, that's why!

But then again, maybe I would have, if I'd had access to the same kinds of drugs she could afford back in the seventies...

Thanks for your time.


  1. Then there's Carly Simon with her 'Vain' "Clouds in my coffee". Drinking clouds? Something weird going on back then in the 70s. Like the 60s, if you remember the 70s, you didn't really live it.

  2. Oh I remember a story my Mom told me about Stevie. She used to work the Galleria Parking Garage across form the Centrum so got into a lot of concerts for free( gotta love comps ). She remembers Stevie being so high( like those clouds ), that she almost fell off the stage. Years later I took her back( to the now DCU Centre )for the B&B cicus for Mother's Day. You can guess it was raining to beat the band( and it sounded nicer than the singing of the afore mentioned, artist. And what was with the teddy bear?

  3. I thought this blog was gonna be about how IANO shared his Girl Scout cookies with you...I was about to ask where the hell mine were.

    But never mind that.

    Oh, excuse me, the clouds are calling...they wanna know what we're gonna have for lunch.

    ::pops more pills, wanders off...::

  4. Rumor has it -- no Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" pun intended -- that the clouds are waiting for their Girl Scout Cookies, too!

  5. I've looked at clouds from both sides now...they look pretty similar from both angles.

  6. Ha haah haa, I swear and on my life, I have had this conversation with my friend about thunder only happening when it rains. If you are going to tell lies in a song, then do it properly and make it more exciting.
    For instance, 'Thunder only happens when the dinosaurs come back to life and kill everybody'.
    That would work much better.

    The end.

  7. Redbeard: Carly Simon and Steve Tyler -- Separated at birth? I mean, there have got to be more than 64 teeth contained in those two smiles! And what I mainly remember from the '70s are Watergate... and Disco... and the 1975 World Series falling between the former two. What a depressing decade that was.

    Cake: IANO can't share his Girl Scout Cookies with me. I live in Massachusetts, and according to his profile, he lives in Nebraska.

    Cousin Saul: I'm impressed. How'd you manage to sneak around the back of those clouds to see their other side? Did Cake give you some of her pills?

    Jayne: Didn't that line about the dinosaurs already end up in one of the songs on the "Sparkle Plenty's Greatest Hits" CD? Or did you originally write that line for her? I am so confused!

  8. AHHH! Cousin Saul's in here now! He's slowly infiltrating all the blogs!


  9. Cake, the truth is far more insidious than that!

    About a month ago, I contacted Cousin Saul (whom I've known for almost 30 years) to tell him I was now blogging at a new web address. He told me his cousin Ain't No Oprah had his own blog (coincidentally, also on Blogger) and that I should check it out. I did, and was hooked. Later, having left a couple of comments for IANO, I started checking out others who regularly commented on his postings, like the Super-Cool-Plus Sparkle Plenty, Jayne, Redbeard, yourself, and others I haven't bugged yet. And being the wordy & intrusive soul that I am, I started commenting on -- and linking to -- their blogs, too!

    So I guess I'm the one who's infiltrated the Ranks of the Chosen.

    (Geez, this was longer than some of my blog entries!)

  10. Excuse me while I kiss this guy...

    Or something.

  11. Yya, IANO is out of the closet.....

  12. ::peers through shrubbery surrounding blog, adjusts helmet::

    Did someone say something about blog infiltration?

    Veeerrrrrry interesting.

  13. I had hoped you were talking about my beloved Stevie when I read the title of this. Every time I listen to Dreams around my grandmother and that line comes up she has to remind me that it is untrue because during the blizzard of '78 she heard plenty of thunder when the storm started....I stopped listening to that song around her about 2 years ago. hahaha

  14. know what, that's one point I never really pondered...and one that is oh so true...but the song just wouldn't sound the same...

    thunder always happens when its raining

    thunder happens even when its not raining

    too bad thunder wouldn't just shut up and stop complaining...

    See,,,it had to be what it is...right? To conserve the songs integrity, you just gotta roll with the magic ;)

    Missed you!

  15. I knew I loved you for a reason, 'tasha.


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