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Monday, March 31, 2008

Jim Mooney, 1919-2008, R.I.P.

Legendary comic artist/inker Jim Mooney has died. I won't try to sum up his long career, or this posting would be even longer than my last few. (You're welcome.)

Prominent among the many characters he worked on over the years are Spider-Man, Batman, the Legion of Super Heroes, Tommy Tomorrow, the Sub-Mariner, Man-Thing, Ms. Marvel, Dial H for Hero, Omega the Unknown... and, of course, Supergirl. Many comic fans consider Mooney's to be the definitive rendition of Kara Zor-El, a/k/a Linda Lee Danvers, much as those growing up in the same era consider Curt Swan to be the definitive Superman artist.

Personally, I just love the fact that he portrayed Streaky the Super-Cat with those awesome cartoony eyes.

The cape just happened to fall snugly into place.
Coincidentally. Don't you just love that?

Thanks for your time.


  1. I actually thought of that line, too -- great minds think alike, and all that -- but the uncharacteristically serious nature of my tribute posts won't let me make those cracks, except in the comments section.

  2. Is it rude to hop around in here and demand a new post even though I hardly know you?

    It is?


  3. Hey! We demand a new post, already! *hops around in a non-Cake-like way*

  4. To Cake: No, it's not rude, but... This was a new post, not a recycled one. (The last one was recycled, of course, and your being miffed at that sad fact was, indeed, duly noted.)

    Or did you mean, you want me to put up another post? It's only been two days since this one.

    Let me know. I get confused easily.

    To Definitely Not Cake: Don't be so rude, you!

  5. To Cake (again): On second thought... (third thought?) Were you asking if you had been rude stomping and sulking (and swiping bagels) in the comments section of my previous post, the one which was recycled?

    See, I told you I get confused easily.

    And as far as hardly knowing me, don't forget that our blogs are [blushing] linked.

  6. You don't honestly expect me to be able to explain my nonsense several days after I've posted it, do you?

    Cuz that's like expecting penguins to, waitasec, that doesn't work anymore...damn April Fool's Day!

    To sum up: ::grabs more bagels, makes a break for it::

  7. Well, yeah, I did, actually.


    Hey! Those bagels were supposed to be tomorrow's breakfast! Hey! HEY!

  8. ::gulp::

    Sorry about that...I thought since our blogs were linked and all ::blushes too::, that meant what's yours is mine and all that jazz.



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