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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Just Wanted to Share These with You

Yep, I'm "phoning it in" for the next few days, due to a few time-sensitive "real" writing jobs. (Click on any image to see it in a larger format, if a larger format is available.)

(Psst! Hey, Sparkle! Look what I got!)

(Psst! Hey, Sparkle! Look what I got, Part Two!)

Now this kid's got hang-ups!

Redneck Cat Carrier

"Retire, Cheney."
Kinda like "Surrender, Dorothy," I guess.

Your 2004 Home Computer, as predicted in the mid-1950s!
(Looks like a ball-busting laptop, to me!)

Bad Kitty!

Parents: Never complain!

Why I love the Doughboy

But not enough to buy one of these...

And I don't know what this is supposed to mean...
But it scares the hell out of me!

Bush's Next Cabinet Member?

Too much Halloween cider, perhaps?

Parents: Never complain!

Really Bad Kitty!

"Duck" tape, get it? Get it?
(Well, I liked it.)

Ah, Calvin, we hardly knew ye...

And, last but not least...

Yeah, ain't it the truth?

I should also mention that if you own the copyrights to any of these images, and want it removed, leave an appropriate notice in my "comments" section and I'll comply ASAP.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Dear David'z Rantz,

    Me, too re: the writing projects--which makes this Easter Parade of hilarity you provide even more awesome.

    1) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!
    2) Is that not just a Dick Tracy ring but a Dick Tracy ring belonging to some little-known Masonic order? Zoiks!
    3) Either way, hand over the Dick Tracy jewelry, mister.


  2. Greetings and Salutations, Oh Sparkly One!

    Several years ago, I bought a boxed collection of Dick Tracy radio shows on cassette. A 1939 serial, "The Black Pearl of Osiris," featured a ring with a secret compartment, so prominently that it was painfully obvious that they'd be offering one as a premium to listeners -- and of course, eventually, they did. I decided then and there that I had to have one for my own collection, and a couple of months ago, I finally obtained one. You can find more info here:

    But as far as my giving it up, even to Super-Cool-Plus you? Sorry, doll, no can do!

    Having said that, good luck with whatever projects you have going, as well. Maybe you could get them completed if you'd stop reading 47 books at a time... !

  3. Ha!

    Very cool Dick Tracy swag indeed!

  4. Jayne, thanks so much for making that clearer!

    (And in regards to your new profile photo, you must tell me your secret for making yourself look simultaneously goofy yet oddly fetching.)

  5. Okay. All righty. Righty, righty OH. Various PEOPLE have placed various COMMENTS on the spacklinator's blog about PHONING it in. The spacklinator (it's Refer to Yourself in The Third Person Friday) may or may not be phoning it in. Okay. Yes. She is phoning it in. Nevertheless, the Rantzinator has been phoning it in ALL WEEK. Sheesh!

    Here's where I put a little smiley to show I'm kidding. :-)

    Followed up by a mean-spirited biker little face to beat the other one up: :-[

    Followed by a pound sign for no good reason: #

  6. Sparkle: Oh, you're just ticked off because I won't give you my Dick Tracy ring!

    As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. In less than 24 hours I'll have a new posting in memory of actor Richard Widmark. And in another day or so after that, something more in line with my usual smartass columns.

    Happy now? (Nag. Cutie-pie nag, true, but nag nonetheless.)


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