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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just In Case...

My car radio has four pre-set tuning buttons. One of them is set to a 1960s-1970s oldies station. Two are set to classic rock stations, and as you're no doubt aware, "classic rock" just refers to oldies with cojones. The fourth is set to a station which plays some new stuff, but mostly older stuff.

In other words, I listen to a lot of oldies.

Keeping that in mind... In and of itself, it naturally didn't surprise me that a classic rock song -- in this case, Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" -- was playing on the radio when I got home and shut the car off (with the radio still on).

However, the next day, when I went out to my car and started it, "White Room" -- also by Cream, of course -- was in progress. The coincidence struck me as more than a bit odd. Did it mean something? Probably not.

On the other hand...

Once in a while, things happen in my life that seem like they were somehow foreshadowed by other thoughts or occurrences. You know, like when you suddenly think about someone whom you haven't seen or thought of for years... and a day or two later you coincidentally meet that person somewhere.

Several years ago, I was living in a one-room apartment -- the term "apartment" is being charitable -- in a rooming house. Upon leaving late one afternoon, I paused and looked at the door, thinking that it would be all too easy to break in, although no one had ever done so during the years I'd lived there. I worked third shift at a supermarket at that time, and when I returned the very next morning, it was to a room that had been burglarized.

Another example? One of my "tribute" entries was in honor of entertainer Hamilton Camp. Among Camp's many accomplishments was a catchy little song called "Here's to You," released in the late 1960s. And although I hadn't thought about the song -- or the artist -- for quite some time, one day I found myself singing the song at work. I casually wondered what had ever become of Mr. Camp, and that night, I found out. A website I visit daily said he had just passed away.

So, what, you're probably wondering... Am I claiming precognitive abilities, or something similar?

Aw, heck no!

On the other hand, I'm posting this column just in case an upcoming news bulletin reports that Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, or Ginger Baker has died, or that something else newsworthy and related to Cream has happened.

So I can literally say that you read about it here, first. Kinda/sorta.

Like I said, just in case.

Thanks for your time.


  1. I am a pigeon and cannot respond to this sort of higher-order thinking. However, I must say that I have a fondness for The Yardbirds.

  2. A pigeon. Jayne was right. Damn.

    Search party's been called off. My Cheerios stay at home. My cat had better start eating again.

    (And don't be surprised if you see this comment again... )

  3. P.S. to Sparkle Pigeon: Kudos for the whole Cream/Clapton/pigeon/Yardbirds reference. Very clever. Your transmogrification has obviously not dulled your wit one... er... whit.

  4. 1) All of a sudden, it's like the Patty Duke show comment-wise!
    2) Got any seeds or breadcrumbs on ya? Just curious.
    3) I've only got one wit, but it's SMAHT--not like people say-ay--and it can DO THINGS! It's smaht!

  5. Patty Duke, eh? Please tell me that a hot dog does not make you lose control.

    By the way, Spackle-dee-doo, I'm not sure if it's possible for a voter to fudge the results of an online poll, but it is kinda/sorta/almost possible for the actual author of said poll to influence it by giving a choice that's clever or goofy enough to be irresistible to voters. Like your own "Gimme sandwich." Look at the response that got, even better than my own "If I say 'no' will you write a long-ass post telling us why you changed it?" has been doing!

    And "By the way" again, speaking of my poll, Dick Tracy says you voted in favor of the new icon.

  6. That reminds me....where's my sandwich??????

  7. Wait...there are sandwiches being given out? How'd I miss that?

    And I want strawberry shortcake now, thanks a lot.

    (Whipped cream + strawberries = heaven.)

  8. Sorry, Lois, I dunno. I got mine (and Lamont's). But if you're hungry, Sparkle might have some hot dogs left, plus maybe there's some leftover snacks from the Search Party.

  9. Cake: Sparkle FedExed sandwiches to people who voted in her poll last week, before she vanished and reappeared as a pigeon. (Wow, that sounds so simple when I write it down like that.)

    Now, would you pleasepleaseplease go to my March 31st comments section and clear up my confusion?

  10. I voted! I demand a sandwich! A grilled cheese sandwich! With a pickle on the side! Dammit!

    ::starts to stomp petulantly...remembers the cat...stomps very quietly, instead::

  11. Hey, Cake, you petulant stomper, you! Sparkle gives away free sandwiches to people who vote in her polls! I don't. (And you can't have my Dick Tracy collectibles, either.) All I freely give away are long-ass posts. 'Cause that's the kinda guy I am.

    Hell, you people are lucky I brought free Cheerios to the Sparkle Plenty Search Party (or "S.P.S.P." for short).

    [Does some petulant stomping of his own. So there.]

    And furthermore... Grrr. (That was me, not the cat.)

  12. Now I'm all nervous for the guy who played Yoda.

  13. Oh god. Please, please never have a quick thought that any of us have been trampled to death by ferral pigeons. Or maimed in some hideous way - just in case it comes true. However feel free to have thoughts that we all win the lottery. By 'we', I obviously mean just me.

  14. IANO: Well, since I've never seen any of the Star Wars films all the way through, if he does die, you'll be stuck writing the R.I.P.

    Jayne: Just in case I do have The Power, you should be really nice to me. Really nice. Just in case.

  15. I'm always fucking nice.

    (See what I did there) ?

  16. Jayne: I saw. Nicely put. ("Nicely." There's that word again.)

    (And by the way, when I wrote that "you should be really nice to me," I certainly hope you didn't think I meant anything... untoward? Don't want those old rumors to start up again.)

  17. I've had many coincidences like that occur in my life. If they were only reliable and consistant, maybe I could make some damn money off of them. haha


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