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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvey Korman and Earle Hagen, R.I.P.

My current plans are for my next seven posts (starting June 1st) to be a lengthy & true story called My Island. Something radically different from David'Z RantZ, to be sure. Comments are welcome, but for various reasons, all comments on My Island (and only on My Island, from June 1st to June 7th!) will be "screened" by me before they actually see publication.

In the past few days, we lost both actor/comedian Harvey Korman and composer Earle Hagen. I've not a lot to say about either gentleman, but I had to note the passings of each, albeit briefly.

Harvey Korman (1927-2008) was best known for being... well, it's a toss-up, actually. A lot of people would say he was best known for his work in several of Mel Brooks' films, especially "Blazing Saddles." Others knew him best as a regular on Carol Burnett's variety show of the 1960s and 1970s. I'll remember him primarily from the latter, cracking up during numerous Burnett sketches, especially when paired with Tim Conway.

Earle Hagen (1919-2008) was the composer of countless TV show themes (not to mention the composer of scores for several TV shows and several movies, as well). These included "The Andy Griffith Show" (in fact, that's Hagen himself doing the whistling), "I Spy," "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "The Mod Squad," and... oh, hell if you want an exhaustive list, go here! My personal favorite by Hagen was "Harlem Nocturne," which Hagen co-wrote in 1940. Lyrics for the song exist, but it's probably best known -- there's that phrase again -- nowadays as the gritty instrumental which was used as the theme for "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer."

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  1. Fa fa fooey! Sorry. I just needed to get something lame in before you start screening comments. Wait, no. I should do one of those spamlike things: "Hi, it's Barb. Remember how I told you that I make millions at home typing? So here is the link where you can learn more [link to xerox copier Web site]. Gotta run!"

    Dude: First you break the Dick Martin story. Now Harvey Korman. Who's next, Jack Benny?


    Sparkle goes to find vintage black dress.

  2. Sparkle:

    Huh! Your real name is "Barb?" Nahhhh, can't be... !

    Hope that black dress doesn't have poison ivy on it.

    P.S. -- Learned about Harvey K. in a late-night email from SubTorp, btw.

    (Wonder if she knows about George Burns yet?)

  3. Actually, now that I think of it, SubTorp's the first one who told me about Dick Martin, too.

    (Wonder if he knows about George Burns yet?)

  4. What ABOUT George Burns????????

    Isn't he god? Or something?

  5. And, whaddya whaddya? Is SubTorp killing all of these poor elderly celebrities?

  6. Nahhh, I won't be doing that until Sunday, and only for that week.

  7. Sparkle,

    If he kills enough we will make him a king.

    Not enough we tell him he has to go after general mills instead. As in cereal killer.

    I wonder if John Waters could do a movie about Sub. Hey wait Bruce Campbell did that, Baba Hotept.

    I loved the old Mel Brooks Movies with Harvey in them. I used to see them in the Drive In.

  8. David: Nice new look to the main page. It seems every time(lately) that I log on to get my e-mail, I get side-tracked by another celeb obit. As of late, they seem to be parting ways in the night, literally. Usually Saturdays. I'm starting to see a trend here.

    Sparkle Plenty: Jack benny will never die, as he's still only 39.

    David: Of course, I know about George Burns. And I'm thinkin' Tim Conway is the culprit. He kills everybody( they all die laughing ).

    Ishat's Fire: Funny, I'd never thought of being a king. And it'd be better to do a movie about David. My life story is still "classified". And are you sure that wasn't Elvis in "Bubba Hotep"?

    Maybe if I stop looking at the yaheck celeb news...nah.

    David: M.E. must have carple-tunnel syndrome, by now.

  9. SubTorp:

    "Nice new look to the main page."

    Glad somebody noticed, and mentioned it, finally.

  10. I was the only one? Do I get a prize? Change can be a good thing, as it is in this case. I still like the South Park avatars.

  11. Yes! Your prize is having your comment published in the comments section of David'Z RantZ!

    Hey, you get what you pay for... !


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