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Friday, May 23, 2008

You Can't Have It Both Ways

I understand and accept that the English language is a "living" language and, as such, is constantly being reinvented by those who use (or misuse) it on a day-to-day basis. So someday in the very near future, I expect grammarians to throw up their hands in collective surrender and say, "Fine! You want to make a word plural by adding an apostrophe 'S' instead of just an 'S?' Go ahead! That's the way you freakin' idiots have been doing it for the past few years anyway!"

But if you're going to change things, at least try to be consistent, willya?

Throughout most of my life, I've seen people write "mike" when they want to abbreviate "microphone." And in terms of what we laughingly call the "rules" by which the English language is governed, that spelling makes perfect sense. It rhymes with "like," "hike," "bike," etc. However, more and more, people are abbreviating "microphone" as "mic." That's wrong. Sorry, but I don't care if you're one of the increasing zillions who write it that way, but you're wrong. "Mic" should be pronounced "mick," as in "Mick Jagger." It should not rhyme with "mike."

Stop arguing with me! You're wrong! Shut up. Shut up! (Will somebody shut off his mic? I mean, his mike?)

I've mentioned this annoying trend to at least one person who seemed to think it was merely the new way of doing things, and that it would soon be a universal practice, and that I should just get over it.

Okay, then riddle me this, Batman:

Another trend I've seen developing over the last few years, especially where internet usage is concerned, is the tendency for people to use the term "pic" (short for "picture") in lieu of "photo" or "photograph." I'm not sure why "photo" is suddenly finding such disfavor. Maybe with the advent of digital cameras, people don't think the term "photo" should be used unless film is specifically involved, kinda like the "CD" versus "album" argument I discussed here?

But I guess it doesn't matter, since "pic," of course, is pronounced "pike," so it rhymes with "like," "hike," "bike," and...

Oh, it isn't? Really? It's pronounced like... well, like "mic" ought to be pronounced?

Well, whattya know about that!

Like I said, folks. All I ask for is a little consistency. But I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks for your time.


  1. 1) It's like when people add the letter "Z" to things to make them...errr...never mind.

    2) Mike/mic doesn't really bother me...I was going to put a list of word usages that do bother me but, knowing this bunch, the next ten comments on my blog would contain each and every one of them...I might not be getting more mature, but I'm getting smarter.

    3) I actually like the term pic...I'm not sure why. Also, pix. However, in a "go figure" sorta twist, I despise "LOL." I don't mind any of the other abbreviations all that much but "LOL" does not make me laugh out loud. It makes me hiss...I guess it makes me HOL.

  2. p.s.
    I said I wasn't gonna list the words that bug me and then I proceeded to give you troublemakers "LOL"...maybe I'm not getting smarter after all.

  3. I like pix. And I want it all my ways. English such an imperfect changing language.

    Plug plug plug.

    You gave me the o.k. May not make any sense since I did it at 4 am.

  4. Dear Rantz, Cake, & Ishat's,

    Please send picx of micx!


  5. And just for the record, everyone, there is absolutely nothing about the term "pic" that really bothers me. I use it, too. It was just the perfect term to play off of "mic/mike" with, stylistically speaking. Or did I accidentally develop -- God forbid! -- subtlety somewhere along the way?

    Anyone who takes me too seriously is missing the point of the "RantZ." Generally, if I'm really going to be dead serious about a subject, I'll devote a paragraph or two (or three, or... ) to telling you that fact beforehand.

  6. the post was deleted for word error

    I think we were just being silly with the terms we liked that were mentioned.

    And I think idiots always were in charge of the language changes otherwise English would be easier to learn.

    Not having rules and 15 exception to the rules in this or that circumstance.

    It's all a silly mess.

  7. Ishat...

    Okay.... I had to delete my answer to your removed comment, and re-post it so it would come after the comment I was replying to, and not before.


    Here's what I wrote:

    Well, I know I was being silly...

    And I agree about the architects of the English language being dorks. Like you said, there are so many exceptions to every rule, whether you're speaking it or writing it.

  8. You could have just said you had the power again.

    The word error was so horrendous that it needed to be redone.

    That's why I put the disclaimer so it would all be alright.

    But Pooh, it wasn't. Now where is that stuffed bear?

  9. Hahaha I guess it would be pointless to point out that Type A personality again....


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