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Monday, June 23, 2008

We Interrupt This Program... Again...

Hey, who's that young guy
who looks like George Carlin?

George Carlin 1937-2008, R.I.P.

The photo above was taken around 1960, which is about five years before I became aware of -- and became a fan of -- George Carlin. As a kid, I used to watch him on The Ed Sullivan Show and other variety and comedy shows. I remember his jarring new look in the early seventies, when he chucked the conservative suits and let his hair grow long.

And I also remember how shocking his famous "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" was when it was first released on LP.

The only unfortunate thing about the Seven Words routine is that it's already being overly stressed in the online obituaries that are popping up everywhere. (Let's face it. Whenever Jeff Foxworthy dies, all we're gonna hear are a bunch of recycled "redneck" jokes.) The guy's career as a comic lasted half a century. He did so much more than that one routine.

I remember thinking as far back as the early 1990s that Carlin seemed to be going overboard with his whole righteous indignation bit, but he was still -- to me -- always funny. And I was always a fan, although it was only from the early to the late 1970s that I was truly obsessive. Back then, my peers and I considered him to be some sort of obscene and hilarious prophet.

I could write a lot more about Carlin's influence on some of the warped little attitudes I developed during my adolescence, and I probably should, but the outside distractions and time constraints that have derailed My Island for almost a week are preventing me from writing more than this brief tribute.

You're welcome.

And thanks for your time.

Somebody released this album of old Carlin material
right after he hit it big in the early 1970s.
The way they played off his current popularity
pissed George off royally, as you might expect!


  1. Are you gonna tell us the story about when Patty met George Carlin?

    Or about when Patty helped him clean out his stuff?


    Are you?

  2. Now what are we gonna do with all of his STUFF?!

  3. My stuff is stuff. His stuff is shit.

  4. Hmmmm...maybe Pryor and Carlin aren't laughing now...maybe they're free-basing and Richard's head is on fire?...who knows...I sure hope they're laughing together.

  5. At least the Big G.C. kept the doctors alert to the end. I'm sure he used his last two minutes for some-thing. After he and Richard finish with the bowl,they'll raid the icebox, man. And it does seem strange that it's been raining here the last couple of days. The Hippy-dippy weatherman predicted sunny skies. Maybe that was just for New Jersey. I never could rely on the WINO radio reports.

    David: sorry I brought this up, but I knew you'd want to know. Mark hasn't done an update on his blog, as yet. Didn't mean to delay your island reporting.

  6. IANO: That'll be the chapter before I get the cat and turn gay.

    Cousin Saul: Pryor never free-based. A Bic lighter exploded, if I remember correctly... And George always said that if you wanted to see what he looked like in his cocaine-using days, check out the freak with the unwashed hair on the "Occupation: Foole" LP.

    SubTorp: You didn't delay "My Island." My f**king life has been delaying "My Island." And yes, you were the first one to tell me about George, but Mark has it up now, too.

    To EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD: If you ever get a personal email from SubTorp, RUN! It means somebody in show business or the comics world DIED!

  7. Cousin Saul: I hope you know I was kidding about Richard Pryor and the Bic lighter thing... but wasn't that his explanation of the accident at first?

  8. Good luck with everything, David'z Rantz! Look forward to reading more when you have a chance to write more.

  9. "That'll be the chapter before I... turn gay."

    ::gasp:: I leave town for a few days and the world turns topsy turvy!

  10. Cake:

    Back when this story was planned to be seven chapters in all, IANO left the following comment on Chapter Three: "What chapter do you turn all gay and stuff?" That was referencing his earlier cracks about my being gay because I'm a single guy who owns a cat. (And no, I wasn't familiar with that stereotype until then.) And obviously from "My Island," I'm a dye-in-the-wool hetero.

    My response was "Umm... that would be Chapter Eight, I guess... After I get the cat." Chapter Eight, get it? There wasn't gonna be a Chapter Eight at that point. Isn't that funny?

    Okay, maybe... not so much.


    That's why I wrote "That'll be the chapter before I get the cat and turn gay," above.

    So don't panic. It'd take more than your being away for two days to make me change from a heterosexual male slut to something other than... well... a heterosexual male slut!

    Hm. Something seems wrong with the previous paragraph, somehow.

  11. David, it is indeed a small world!!!A freind of mine asked me a couple of days ago if my daughter had a freind named Patty, beacuse she's reading your blog and so here I am.I hope you have'nt stopped telling your story, Patty's story I men.Can I make a private comment hear if I just want you to read it?And by the way, it's Jeanie not Jeannie.That's the way I've always spelled it and my full first name is really just Jean.

    Jeanie Carrigan (yes, still Carrigan!)

  12. Jeanie? (Sorry about the "Jeannie" misspelling, btw. I never saw your name written down. I'll fix the previous chapters when I get the chance!) Oh, my God! It's been what, about ten years, maybe a bit less?

    I have an email address set up just for private comments. Write to, and it'll automatically get forwarded to my real email address.

    And do me a favor, if you decide to write any more public comments? Please don't write anything about Patty or Diana (including Diana & myself) that may spoil upcoming chapters. Thanks!

  13. David: I seem to see the reports, ere Mark does( okay, he sleeps more than me...prob'ly ). I have an I.M. tuned into Hollywood ,set up on my e-mail, just for this purpose( and yes, I'm KIDDING! )

    And G.C.'s "Occupation Foole" cover was closer to his appearance, at that time( well, I thought so ).

    And speaking of cocaine, d'ya think Coca-Cola will ever go back to the ORIGINAL, original formula? Just a useless thought.

  14. *taps foot impatiently, looks at watch, sighs*

  15. *checks blog again*

    *sighs in an impatient way*

  16. *Thinks, "Oh, I should check David'z blog!"*

    *goes to blog*


  17. (Well if you're going to leave us hanging, eventually the audience is gonna get surly...just sayin'.)

  18. Since we have to wait for the next chapter, I might as well ask a question.

    Did you prefer the 1970s George Carlin who was a little more laid back and less cynical, irreverent but more of a jester in tone, or the late 1980s-present Carlin who had a lot more cynical anger undertones.

  19. SubTorp: And G.C.'s "Occupation Foole" cover was closer to his appearance, at that time (well, I thought so ).

    Not sure what you meant by that. Carlin said that he looked like that on that LP cover because it was during his time of cocaine use.

    Cake: Sorry, impatient one. The past couple of weeks have really sucked. No one's been more irritated by my lack of new posts than I!

    John: Oh, good, an easy one. I'm more a fan of Carlin's earlier, less angry persona.

    Chapter Eleven is finally up, after over two hours of f**king around with my turtle-slow computer.


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