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Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Bring Out Your Dead!"

No, I'm not talking about myself when I speak of the "dead," although when I wrote this -- late Friday night -- I still felt almost as crappy as I did when I posted my previous entry. Nope. I'm using "Bring Out Your Dead!" to refer to the sneaky thing I've been doing for the past few days.

As all of my regular readers know, before I had a weblog on Blogger, I had one on a site known as Diaryland. (That's Di-a-ry-land, by the way, not Dairy-land. For some reason, people seem to become temporarily dyslexic whenever they encounter that word!) And whenever other tasks have kept me from posting here, I've had no hesitation about recycling old posts which only about 10% of my current readers have seen before anyway.

But there are some other old Diaryland entries which are worth saving, in my opinion, yet won't fit in amongst the new Blogger entries as casually as most Diaryland golden oldies will. These are the posthumous tributes to celebrities that I like to write. There are eight of these Diarlyland tributes, tributes which were all posted in 2004 and 2005. During the past several days, I've transferred them -- under their original entry dates -- to Blogger.

Therefore, although the Blogger version of "David'Z RantZ" didn't even exist until February of 2008, these eight entries are now in my Blogger archives, and supposedly have been since three or four years ago! (Does that make me some sort of Time Lord?) So, if you're at all interested in viewing any or all of them, the list is below. Clicking on any name will open a new link or window featuring the appropriate tribute:
Let's hope that by my next posting, my health will have improved, and my name will not also be on the list!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Hi, David.I'll bet you thought you were rid of me whjen My Island ended, ha?No such luck.I'm interested in reading your rantz, too, but I'll like them even better when you get off this unfortunate death kick.So, where's the blasted soundtrack album you promised???Hope all those opietes aren't affecting your brain.Seriously, I hope you'll be o.k., and SOON!And when you're feeling a little better, why don't you give me a call or something?

  2. David,


    Best wishes, Jayne's Mum.

  3. Oh. My. God! David is dying?! Say it ain't so! Oh, wait...I read the whole blog're just very sick. Sorry for the panic.

  4. Reading these old entries from Dairyland make me crave cheese.


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