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Monday, September 29, 2008

A Brand New Project, Part Two


(And if you're old enough to remember where and when the above phrase was used -- constantly -- you're old, Jack!)

Not long ago, I wrote a post saying that I was debating the creation of a new blog, one which would showcase my so-called "real" writing as opposed to whatever the hell it is I do around here. All I needed to do was 1. convince myself, and 2. find a title for the new blog.

Convincing myself was easy.

I'm gonna do it.

Now, as for the title...

My very first idea for a title was "Writer's Blogk." Clever, huh? Maybe too clever, or not clever enough. A Google search for the term "writer's blogk" pulls up 1,280 choices. Oops.

"Blogger" blogger Ishat's Fire suggested several choices -- some serious, some obviously less so -- but my favorite was simply "Silver Fox Tales."

(By the way, "The Silver Fox" was a title of sorts which was bestowed upon me by Sarah, one of the authors of Complete and Utter Randomness.)

At this point, my searches had narrowed. I wasn't even doing Google searches any more. I was merely coming up with a name, and typing it into my address bar to see if anyone on Blogger was using it! Example? For "Silver Fox Tales," I'd simply type in a URL of

In my earlier post, I mentioned Charles Dickens, and how I liked the idea of emulating him by serializing stories. I thought of two of his magazines, magazines which published the informal first editions of classics such as Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities. Those magazines were called Household Words and All the Year Round.

titles were taken by bloggers already.

"Silver Fox Tales." Damn, I liked that name! Even the similar but lengthier "Tales of the Silver Fox" -- also suggested by Ishat's Fire -- wasn't good enough for me. The set-up of the name detracted from the simplicity of the "tales/tails" pun.

Also, please keep in mind that I could have cheated and called my blog "The Silver Fox Tales," or the like. But I was much less worried about some far-fetched possible legal problems as I was stepping on anyone's artistic toes, so to speak.

I went back to, and noticed that the blog's author hadn't updated her blog since 2006. 2006. That was encouraging. Maybe she was "done" with it, as it were?

Checking out the profile, I found out that her name is Nan Jacobs, and that she was a regular contributor to two other weblogs. That was even more encouraging! She was actively blogging, but apparently had retired "Silver Fox Tales" itself.

Well, to make an already-long story a bit shorter, I contacted Ms. Jacobs directly. It was one of my predictably wordy, detailed emails, as you might have guessed. She was extremely polite and friendly-- almost surprisingly so -- but said she was actually thinking of reviving "Silver Fox Tales" soon, and didn't want to let the title go. She was even so kind as to suggest some alternates.

(By the way, my email evidently gave Ms. Jacobs the nudge she needed to start posting on "Silver Fox Tales" again. She began adding some new stuff just a couple of days ago, if you care to check out her blog.)

So I said to myself, "Self, you're f**ked."

And then, out of desperation, I came up with -- deep breath, here -- "The Lair of the Silver Fox." I immediately did my address bar trick with, and found that it was unregistered, hence available!

But who the hell would want to type all of that crap into their browser? Not even Yours Truly. However, Blogger allows you to make up any URL for any blog name, and use it as long as it's available. (For instance, if I wanted it to be, the URL for "David'Z RantZ" could be So I checked to see if anyone on Blogger was using!

And no one was.

But now, I am.

I'm not ready to officially launch "The Lair of the Silver Fox," yet, but I've set up the site itself. Some of you -- and you know who you are -- will be gratified to learn that, unlike "David'Z RantZ," "The Lair of the Silver Fox" will not consist of white lettering on a black background. (The things I do to kiss up to my readers... *sigh*)

Currently, I intend to use "The Lair of the Silver Fox" as a catch-all for my writings, both new and old. It'll showcase short stories, unfinished prose or comic book projects, articles, and even poems or songs from days gone by when I'm in a crunch.

The first actual serialized story probably won't see the light of day until January (if I live that long). After all, I must include the Christmas story I'm currently working on... !

Oh, and for those poor suckers who've been reading this post wondering when the f**k I'm going to tie it in with my "MY ISLAND Update, Kinda/Sorta" post from last Thursday... One of the early pieces posted to "The Lair of the Silver Fox" will showcase the ten-year-old "crack whore" art -- and some over-written captions by me! -- from the proposed, stillborn My Island comic book maxi-series.

Oooohhh, behind-the-scenes stuff!

And speaking of comic books, I'll also be showing the proposal that comics legend Dick Ayers and I were shopping around back in the early 1990s!

But enough teasers. Whenever I decide to start using the new site, I'll let you know right here on "David'Z RantZ."

Anyway, as I said, the new webpage has no official posts yet -- just a place-saver, y'might say -- but it's ready for inspection, and your comments (either here or there). By the way, comments on "The Lair of the Silver Fox" will be moderated, so only I will have to deal with the really inane ones!

Anyway, just click here if you're so inclined, and check out the new place. But wipe your feet before entering, and if you're drinking, use a napkin or something as a coaster, okay? I haven't even paid the closing costs yet.

So until then, boys'n'girls...

Thanks for your time.

P.S. ~~ I hope it comes as good news to a certain other Blogger blogger that the URL is available! I mean, I'm not the only one around here who can have two (or more) blogs!


  1. I'm first! Yay! I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who is pestering so far, only because I haven't started putting pestering idea's into other pester-ers heads. Which I shall start doing immediately!

    Hooray for the new blog and hooray for new stories and hooray for my Silver fox name! Hooray!

    -Must stop eating cupcakes-

  2. I'm afraid that blog you mentioned is already taken. Sorry!

  3. Omigod, that is priceless! Hey, everybody, check out!!! I might just link to this one.

  4. The Silver Fox is also a Spider-Man villain. *Pssst* pass it on.

  5. Sorry that was the Black Fox. Silver Fox is James Howlett's (Wolverine's) woman that Sabertooth kills just to fuck with him. Man, what a jerk.

  6. "SNL clip?" What do you... Oh, crap. I thought that was the real Couric/Palin interview!

  7. thanks for being understanding about the name and for the "nudge". And I like The Lair of the Silver Fox for a name. Good choice.

    must admit to a great sigh of relief that you decided not to use ilovecapripants.blogspot(please not a spot on the capris!). I'm not sure I could have brought myself to visit there. LOL

  8. Of course, having sad that, I see that I missed a comment that referred to exactly that and my curiosity is getting the better of me


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