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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Day After (Updated)

Funny, I was just discussing the relative merits of embedded YouTube videos with two of the other Blogger bloggers, Steve (author of "I Ain't No Oprah"... and trust him and myself when we say that he ain't no Oprah) and "Sparkle Plenty" (the heart, soul, brains, & gall bladder behind "Dinosaur Casserole").

About 90% of the time, when I encounter someone's blog, and it consists of nothing but a YouTube video, I skip it. I naturally make exceptions when the video in question has actually been created by the blogger himself/herself. Those have an obvious personal touch. But my feeling is that YouTube videos (or videos from any other source) generally -- certainly not always, even my creaky old bones can bend a bit -- belong in a sidebar, unless their purpose is to illustrate a point made by the very blog in which they're embedded!

And, having said all that... I think I've written enough to justifiy todays' inclusion of -- yup, you guessed it -- a YouTube video which ties in with the events of 9/11. (That was only yesterday, since I'm gonna have this sucker posted before midnight!) Plus, I've included enough of my own gobbledegook after the video to insure that the video does indeed fit my own qualification of one that is here "to illustrate a point made by the very blog in which [it's] embedded."

So. This is from 1981's "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow." It features the great Orson Welles, so I couldn't resist.

Now personally, I don't put a lot of faith in seers like Nostradamus and his ilk. But it is interesting to hear his predictions, made years ago and expressed with the vagaries necessitated by a natural misunderstanding of places and people which didn't even exist at the time of those predictions. Those predictions, translated into what the people of almost thirty years ago (when this film was made) thought they might mean, came alarmingly close to what really happened. And of course, any film from the modern era would almost have to assume that any large-scale war would be a nuclear war.

It's also interesting -- if I may use that word yet again, for the sake of emphasis -- to read the viewers' comments over at the original YouTube page to see how those of us who are in the present try to make sense of it all.

"Interesting," but not necessarily anything that would ever make me too firm a believer in Nostradamus. (Just thought I'd mention that, in case you were worrying.) Me, I'm just throwing it all out there in the name of speculative entertainment.

Thanks for your time.

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  1. I only play YouTube videos from work and, even then, only when it's one of the blog "regulars" putting the link up.

    From home, I'm on dialup 90% of the time, since my computer high speed is's possibly run on solar energy. Or hamster powered. Or something. And dialup and YouTube don't play nicely together.

    (I was going to just post a comment with a YouTube video embedded in it...but I don't think blogger lets you do that. Too bad. Heh.)


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