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Monday, September 15, 2008

Good for What Ails Ya!

I'm not even getting a kickback for today's post -- not that it should really bother you if I were -- but I wanted to share the following information with you: There's a seller on eBay called "haunted-jack" who offers the absolute coolest items. He sells empty bottles of various sizes and shapes. Each of those bottles bears an impressively ornate label related to characters or plot elements from movies, novels, television, comic books, and more... as well as prop labels for medicines, poisons, and other things not as easily characterized.

There are some amazing items here. I can't really do them justice without sending you to this link instead. I strongly suggest you take a look at what he currently has to offer.

He's had some really inventive pieces in the past. My personal favorite from his current set of listings is the "Dr. Henry Jekyll's Extraordinary Elixir." The empty container for this one is actually an antique test tube. This guy is nothing if not creative!

He doesn't list items all that frequently. When he does, whatever he puts up for auction generally features some sort of theme (Comic book heroes, Universal movie monsters, etc.). If you use eBay enough to do the "Add to My Favorite Sellers" thing, you might want to do that with his stuff. I do.

So. Nothing really entertaining for you from me today, just a public service announcement of sorts for the pop culture geek in all of us. Or... in most of us.

Thanks for your time.

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