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Monday, September 15, 2008

Richard Wright, 1943-2008, R.I.P.

This should be brief. Of course, around here, "should be brief" ain't sayin' it's gonna be. It'll also be a bit loopy, due to my lack of sleep and the fact that I'm sort of burned (burnt?) out from writing so many celebrity tributes lately.

Richard Wright, one of the four founding members of the band initially called The Pink Floyd, has died at the age of 65 from cancer. Currently, no further details are available, as per his family's request.

Wright formed The Pink Floyd -- which unceremoniously lost the "The" somewhere along the line -- along with Roger Waters, Nick Mason, and Roger "Syd" Barrett. Now that Richard Wright has passed away, as did Syd Barrett in 2006, the number of the band's surviving founding members has been halved... in case you're keeping track.

I'm not going to do a whole long history of the band, here. There are hundreds of other places you can go to online if you want or need that.

I will mention a few random things, however. One is that Wright wrote -- boy, does that sound odd, "Wright wrote," kinda like "redrum"-- much of the material on the band's 1973 classic LP, "The Dark Side of the Moon." Co-wrote, actually. If he'd done absolutely nothing else of note -- pun intended -- in his life, he'd deserve to be remembered solely for that!

Another "random thing" is that Wright left Pink Floyd in 1979, due to insurmountable frictions with pompous, egotistical f**k Roger Waters. But once Waters himself departed the band a few years later, Wright got back together with Mason and guitarist David Gilmour (who'd replaced Barrett years earlier).

And finally... While briefly on this evening, I saw a link to a New York Times obituary for Wright, which read "Richard Wright, 1843-2008." [sic] Hey, look, guys, I know some of these older rock'n'rollers seem like they're that old, but come on, now... !

Okay, okay, back to business.

Mr. Wright -- and his jazz-influenced keyboard playing -- will be sorely missed now that he's been "booked" for his own last great gig in the sky.

Thanks for your time.


  1. This post will be expanded somewhat, during the next half hour or so.

  2. Y'know, I don't think there are that many famous people who share the same name.

    Richard Wright of Pink Floyd
    Richard Wright, author of "Black Boy" and other novels

    Really! I can't think of any other examples.

  3. Well, it's not much of a problem when the two famous people have totally different occupations.

    If I ever get to be famous, there won't be too much confusion with that "other guy" because I use my middle initial, and he doesn't.

    I like the way the Screen Actors Guild won't let you use a name if it's already in use. Which is why:

    1. Than ks to an American actor named Michael Fox, Canadian actor Michael Fox had to change his name. His middle initial was "A,", but he thought it'd sound like he was implying "Michael's a fox" if he used it. He thought of the actor Michael J. Pollard and became Michael J. Fox.

    2. Michael Keaton's real name was already being used by... Michael Douglas.

    3. And old-time actor Stewart Granger was born James Stewart!

  4. And yes, Missy Sparkle, I did know where you were going with that....

  5. Very few actresses or writers or singers with my name so I've no worries about them letting me put it up in lights.


    Yeah, that's gonna look sharp.

    *shuffles off to watch yet more tv*

  6. Hey, maybe that's the answer to your continuing dilemma of "Why did I pick the pen name of 'Cake,' anyway?"

    You picked "Cake" because, subconsciously, you knew no one else would ever try to use it!


  7. Joe Jackson (musician, "Look Sharp" -- not his birth name)

    Joe Jackson (father of Jackson Five, plus other siblings)

    Joe Jackson (baseball player, "Shoeless Joe")

  8. Michael Collins -- Irish patriot

    Michael Collins -- Apollo 11 asronaut

  9. Sparkle Plenty -- "Dick Tracy" character

    Sparkle Plenty -- Super-cool-plus cutie-pie blogger babe!

  10. Speaking of follow-ups, don't you owe us an expanded obituary of George Carlin?

  11. More on Carlin? I hadn't planned on it. I did say something about how I could have written more, but with me, when has that ever not been the case? ;-)

  12. Lotsa bloggers not, oh I dunno...BLOGGING LATELY.



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