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Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Sarah, Oh Sarah... " Part Two

In case I didn't make myself clear in my earlier post...

Yes, she's a "babe," but there's no f**king way I'd ever vote for her as VP. Not even as VPILF. I've already seen too many guys saying, "WOW! She's got my vote!" for all the wrong reasons.

There is -- believe it or not! -- a difference between being a slut, and a sexist idiot. I'll readily admit to being the former, and vehemently deny being the latter.

Thanks for your time.


  1. So what's the reason to vote for Joe Biden?

    Huh, Smartguy?

  2. So you are saying that you won't vote for her because she's a woman and can't do the job?

    Last time I visit this blog.

  3. Ishat's:

    The Doctor Party gets my vote!!! In fact, I'm running off to volunteer at Campaign Headquarters right now!

    I'm hugely disappointed by Sarah Palin; at first she seemed like a smart, interesting woman...but when you actually take the time to learn about her, it turns out she's a raving nutjob of a freak with a pretty face and nice glasses.

  4. Julie:

    Let's get serious.

    I NEVER said I wouldn't vote for Palin as VP because she's a WOMAN. That'd be just as idiotic as voting FOR her because she's a woman, especially if she got someone's vote because she's an attractive woman. But she's far too under-qualified to be in the office that's known as "a heartbeat away from the presidency." That, and the fact that I have major issues with a lot of her policies, is what will influence my vote.

    I don't recognize your name. Have you visited before, or did you just arrive here more or less by accident, referred by a search engine? If you were a regular reader, you'd have recognized my smartass attitude -- cracks like "VPILF," the "babe," cracks, references to myself as a "slut," etc. -- but my point was valid. You, however, attributed a statement -- or at least, an implication -- to me which I never made.

    You say you'll never visit my blog again, so I guess I'm writing a self-defense which will never be read.

  5. IANO, I was thinking of voting for Pat Paulsen, actually. And yes, I know he's dead, but he's still running anyway:

    Ishat: Truth be told, the fact that she was a beauty queen has absolutely nothing to do with my reasons for not supporting her. I won't stereotype her -- and I hasten to add that I'm NOT accusing YOU of doing so, either! -- by saying she's an airhead because she's pretty, etc. I actually think she's fairly intelligent, just not knowledgeable nor experienced enough for the job, PLUS I agree with a bunch of your OTHER points about her. I don't want a potential president acting on gut instinct (which she's implied that she'd do) rather than what she -- or anyone else -- should have learned in the trenches before getting to run the country.

    And for the record, I had/have doubts about whether or not Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had/have enough experience to do the job, either.

    I'm a very skeptical voter, and am generally underwhelmed by whomever either party forces on us every four years. I regrettably find myself being one of those who votes against, rather than for, a presidential candidate. The last guy I was really excited about was George McGovern in '72, and I was too young to vote in that election.

    And the shirt said "I may be broke but, I'm not flat busted." (The placement of that comma is theirs, not mine, btw.)

  6. ishat,
    She NEVER banned books. It's a lie being pushed by her opposition. The war may not be God's will, but some wars are justified. Wars are never fun or pleasant, but there are valid reasons for some wars. I'm still not sure how I feel about this particular war, but time will tell.

  7. That's exactly how these people work (and by "these people" I mean politicians in general, not those of any particular party). Lying about your own record makes you look better. Lying about your opponent's record makes him -- or her -- look worse, which in turn makes you look better. And even the ones who, at the beginning of a campaign, say they won't resort to lies about their opponents, or other dispreputable tactics, almost always end up resorting to those very tactics long before the end of a campaign.

    And we're the poor schmucks whose best defense of our "favorite" candidate is far too often "well, at least my choice is less of a freakin' scumbag than the other candidate(s)."

    First, McCain used John Mellencamp's "This Is Our Country" without permission, then Huckabee used Boston's "More Than a Feeling." Recently there was the backlash from Heart when the Republicans used "Barracuda." I think that under some kind of Full Disclosure Act, Republicans and Democrats alike should be required by law to use something more appropriate. Suggestions: "Lies" by the Knickerbockers, "Liar" by Three Dog Night, or any other appropriately-titled song you can think of.

    They ALL stink.

  8. It's disturbing enough to me that she would be enquiring about book banning but then I'm rabidly against that kind of nonsense.

    Really, the Dems and the GOP candidates are all disturbing.

    And Canada's politicians aren't much better...just duller.

    I'm moving to Mexico, who's coming!

  9. Y'know, there's a reason why people usually avoid discussing Religion, Politics, and Sex.

  10. John, you said it! Actually, there are MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY reasons for not discussing those three subjects.

    Personally, here's where I stand on discussing the three... NOT on the three subjects themselves -- which would take too long -- but on the subject of discussing them!

    1. Religion: It's based on faith, and not on anything anyone can actually prove. So it's pointless to argue. If someone wants to know my beliefs, maybe I'll tell them. If they want to tell me theirs, cool. But if anyone's trying to convince anyone else that the their religion is "right" and anyone else's is "wrong"... Ohhhhh.... shut up.

    2. Politics: After a few minutes, it becomes either boring or vicious. (So does religion, now that I think of it.) I don't care to have a lengthy conversation on politics with anyone, friend, foe, or stranger, for that reason.

    3. Sex: NOW we're talkin'!

    If this column thread doesn't lighten up soon, I'm gonna turn it off. Not so I'll get the last word at any time, just because I'd hate to think that my blog was a place for serious political commentary.


    Just sayin'.

  11. Wow, I go away for a week-end and this is what happens?Serious political discourse?Maybe you should all lighten it up by talking about some king who gave up his crown for the woman he loves?And whoever "Julie" is, she really needs to know how David feels about women as friends and real people, not just toys, before she shoots her mouth off.

  12. ::sets fire to the blog::

    (You lighten it up.)

    ::sneaks off, kidding herself that signing this with a made-up name will fool anyone::

  13. Yo, "Sally": How dare you set my blog on fire?!? And why are there melted s'mores all over it, too?

    Jeanie: Aw, how sweet, you coming to my defense like that. But everybpdy who reads this blog on a regular basis should know how much I respect all of you bit-- I mean, ladies!

  14. I think everyone has dirty laundry and it just seems to surface more when you're running for office. I don't think any of the candidates are scumbags.

    I guess I need to read more articles to see where she's gone from smart to raving nut job with nice glasses.

    I agree that she may not have enough experience to run the country but I think she has a good solid backing for VP and will gain the experience if they are voted in.

    We'll see what happens in November eh?

  15. Sarah: I think the main reason Governor Palin's lack of experience is such an issue is that McCain is a 72-year-old cancer survivor, who regrettably may not survive long enough for her to gain the experience she needs before she inherits the presidency. I'm not bearing any personal ill will toward McCain -- he could well live to be 102, and who's to say that President Obama won't fall down a flight of steps, or develop a fatal disease if he gets elected? -- but it's too big a "What If" to take chances with.

  16. And what is Obama's experience, you sexist bastard?

  17. But that in itself makes no sense. I mean you pretty much stated that Obama could receive a horrible disease or he could randomly be hit by a car.

    Not to pick someone on age (I'm not implying this is your only reason) makes absolutely no sense. You should just listen to facts on the issues that matter to you and try to forget everything else. At the end of the day you should vote for someone for what they believe in and what they are striving to accomplish, not what they look like or how old they may or may not be.

    -I think Julie is the raving nutjob of a freak with a pretty face and nice glasses.

  18. Julie:

    Not being a political expert, nor claiming to be, I'll give you some quoted material from the 'net. If you want URLs to back this stuff up, please send me a private email.

    • Before being elected to the US Senate Obama in a landslide (70% to 27%) against a Republican, he served 11 years in the Illinois State Senate.
    • Barack Obama graduated magna cum laude ('91) from Harvard Law School.
    • Barack Obama also has a degree in Political science specializing in International Relations.
    • Barack Obama worked in Chicago, Illinois as a community organizer. Obama, as the director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago, helped set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants" rights organization in Altgeld Gardens.
    • Barack Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for a community organizing institute.
    • Barack Obama worked as a Civil Rights lawyer for 9 years.
    • Barack Obama was also a University of Chicago Constutitional Law Professor for 12 years.
    • In the US Senate Obama has written 890 pieces of legislation, and co-sponsored 1096 pieces of legislation.

    And, if it'll make you feel better, here's another quote: "Senator Obama has been in Congress for three years and been campaigning for most of them. He has missed nearly 50% of the votes this year as have all the candidates, but this must be removed from his experience.("

    Please do not take me to task for specific quotes. None of those words are mine.

    Now, please answer the following:

    1. How did you find my site, and are/were you a regular reader?
    2. What made you think I was a serious political commentator, worthy of rebuttal? I'm basically a smartass. There are thousands out there who want to be taken seriously. I generally go for a laugh. However, having said that...
    3. Why did you accuse me of saying I wouldn't vote for Palin because she's a woman, and that women can't do this sort of job? I didn't say that, I didn't imply that, and I don't believe it. (In fact, I was open-minded enough, and early enough, to have voted for a ticket that included Geraldine Ferraro as VP.)

    Also, please refrain from name-calling, especially if you want a mature debate. The anonymity afforded by the internet is no excuse for bad manners. Not on this blog, anyway.


  19. Sarah: McCain's age & health are a concern to many, but not to ME. I have other reasons for not voting for him.

    As far as your other reasons why one should vote for or against someone, I'll keep them in mind come November. ;-)

  20. Hey David,
    I have a few questions for not just you, but any of the ones reading the blog.

    1) What are your reasons FOR voting for Obama?

    2) What are your reasons FOR NOT voting for McCain?

    BTW, in your quotes, you mentioned all of Obama's committees twice. After reading all of the items you mentioned, I wouldn't consider any of those "political" experience. I personally vote on issues rather than age, race, or sex. I think lack of experience in a president is more important than lack of experience in a vice president. I think McCain chose Palin due to her history of fighting for issues even if they are against her own political party's view. That takes some guts to be able to stand up for what you believe. I've heard many of Obama's speeches and it appears that he panders to his audience rather than taking a firm stance. I don't agree with all of McCain's views, but I certainly agree with more of his views than Obama.

    Thanks for the good blog discussion.

  21. [deep breath]

    Hi, Larry,

    I didn't even notice the doubling up of Obama's credentials until you mentioned it. It was a goof-up with copy-and-paste. (Although I'm surprised that a certain someone didn't accuse me of trying to inflate Obama's resume.) The list I posted was just what some would consider credentials, but not necessarily me.

    I also think one should know about more than dropping a basket of frozen fries in a vat of hot oil before managing a McDonald's.

    Anyway, as I've implied, I'm stuck voting "lesser of two evils" this time around, as I have since the seventies.

    Personally, I am so sick of this political discussion intruding on a smartass humor blog, I'll abstain from further comment until... oh, maybe late January.

    Really, everybody. I'm bored by it. This is not why I'm here. A few random jokes got me pounced upon by a thin-skinned, name-calling imposter who's evidently humor-impaired when certain subjects are even alluded to, enough to try pushing my buttons, anyway. A "goof" with an edge, as it were.

    (Unfortunately, said imposter didn't realize that a nifty little website called gives me access to ISP addresses, and also tells me what sites my readers access me from. That's what they call damning circumstantial evidence.)

    To quote myself, "After a few minutes, [discussing politics] becomes either boring or vicious. I don't care to have a lengthy conversation on politics with anyone, friend, foe, or stranger, for that reason." It's not so much that I don't care any more; it's more that I didn't give a shit to begin with. Take me at my word, and stop.

    However, Larry, anybody else who wants to answer you at length can feel free to do so. (If you really want to get into it in depth, there's always your own blog, of course.)

    After that, anybody who can't take a fucking joke where David'Z RantZ is concerned needs to back off and grow up. This is my sandbox, people. For what this gig pays, I'll just switch to comment moderation as a big "F You" if need be.

  22. I agree that she's a major babe and I liked your McDonald's manager statement. I also agree that politics can get very boring or confrontational. That's why I enjoy The Daily Show. They've found a way to make politics pretty funny. I'm not sure who writes for that show, but they're top notch. Speaking of babes, have you seen McCain's current wife? How in the world can you vote for Obama when you've got some good eye candy with McCain's wife and vice president? Even Sarah admitted to wanting to write in George Eads to get some good looking men into the White House. Just kidding. We have to find humor in something, right?

    In regards to political humor, have you seen Obama dance on the Ellen show? Also, everytime you see McCain, it looks like his shirt has been starched to death. Either he's really concerned about his posture or that man needs to take some relaxing pills.

    Just my take on it or leave it. Thanks for the good blog.

  23. Larry: "Speaking of babes, have you seen McCain's current wife? How in the world can you vote for Obama when you've got some good eye candy with McCain's wife and vice president?"

    An excellent point. If Sarah Palin is a "VPCILF" -- Vice-Presidential Candidate... Well, you know the rest -- I guess Cindy McCain would be a "PFLILF" (Potential First Lady... etc.)

    I mean, not to be sexist, or anything... *ahem*

  24. ::giggles::

    -obviously high on cupcakes and pizza-

  25. "High on cupcakes and pizza... "


    And on that note, I officially close off comments on this particular post!

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