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Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Sarah, Oh Sarah... "

Back on April 30th, I wrote a column about how I was considering starting a second blog, one which would deal with X-Rated topics. I said this was because "Once in a great while, I want to be juvenile. Incredibly juvenile."

By "juvenile," I was referring to stuff like this: "Oh, well, if I may be allowed a sexist observation, Meg Ryan 'baring all' ain't so much, anyway. And besides, it's like an old high school friend of mine once said, 'If you've seen one... you've seen 'em both,' " which I published -- re-published, actually -- on February 26th.

So anyway, in that juvenile but non-X-rated vein, let me make the following observation, from the viewpoint of a 51-year-old male slut:

Sarah Palin -- a/k/a "Sarah Barracuda" and "Caribou Barbie" -- is a babe.

As for whether I'd actually vote for her, and that old dude she's running with... Before I'd do so, I'd not only consider her stance on various issues, but I also wouldn't be able to get around the fact that she's the governor of Alaska. Alaska. That's... that's... almost like Canada, isn't it? She's practically a foreigner.

So, rest assured, when I enter that voting booth in November, my decision re:McCain versus Obama will be decided by the... umm... proper head, as it were... but, having said all that...

She really is a babe.

And she certainly gives me an election!

That is...

I mean...

Oh, never mind!

And hey, before I stop babbling... Wanna have some fun? Misspell Governor Palin's first name and do a Google search for "Sara Palin," and see just how many thousands of entries you get!

Thanks for your time.


  1. Wonder if it states "most likely to succeed" in her H.S. yearbook( proper spelling used here,you. I know what you're thinkin' ). Would I vote for her? No, but it'd give me a good reason to watch the telly again( and I loathe conventions ).

    "Caribou Barbie"--hmmm. hadn't heard that one, 'til now. I know my mind is in the gutter, but not that deep! Can you just imagine a former Prez having her as a running mate? You know the person of whom I speak.

    Oh wait..I'm sinking to a new level here. Is this a good thing?

  2. Yup, she's a former beauty queen, like Sue Ellen Ewing of "Dallas," but it seems like she's got the tactics of a J.R. Ewing instead. I was impressed by her own Night of the Long Knives when she became mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

    If Johnny Mac wins the November election, he'd better have somebody taste-test his bedtime Ovaltine!

  3. Great combination. And reference. For some reason the top pic( with spectacles ) reminds me a little of Mariska Hargatay...or is it just my poor eye-sight?

  4. I can see a bit of Mariska there. There's also a slight resemblance between Governor Palin and actress/comedienne Tina Fey... if you look at a photo of Ms. Fey when she's wearing glasses.

  5. I like Sarah I think she's spunky, and she is a babe.

  6. And her name has absolutely nothing to do with that, of course.

    (Just kidding. I don't think you're that shallow.)

  7. If she just wasn't so fucking


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