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Monday, September 1, 2008

Treading Water While Debating a Brand New Project

To all those who've sent public or private good wishes for my health, it's improving. So... thanks.

I've been debating something lately, and I wanted to share it with you. Here goes:

During the two-and-a-half months that I was posting the various chapters of My Island, several people expressed their sentiments that after My Island's conclusion, I should keep writing similar pieces, either my own true-life experiences, or fictional writings.

(Today's post is for those people, or at least, for those who agree with said "sentiments." If you don't agree, or even if you don't particularly give a fig... You may be excused. No, really. Feel free to leave. I hear they might be discussing Nazis again over at I Ain't No Oprah, as soon they're done with the Gustav Updates.)

Anyway... I tried to interpret all of those comments in a positive way: "My Island... goooood," and not just "RantZ... baaaad," as it were.

However, if I were to forgo my "rantz" and start my so-called "real" writing, there wouldn't be much sense in keeping "David'Z RantZ" as a title. And if I changed the title of my blog to something else, where could I put my future rantz?

(Hey! I heard that, you! Potty mouth!)

In My Island, Diana brought up the fact that I rarely finish lengthy personal projects. And she was right. I completed My Island only because I posted it online, which immediately made people aware of it. I figuratively painted myself into a corner so that I had to finish it in a reasonable time frame.

Some of the greatest novels in history were originally written as serials. One of my favorite novelists, Charles Dickens, worked in this fashion. (And if you don't know who he was, why are you here?) A few years ago, hoping to follow in the great man's footsteps in even a small way, I began serializing a story called Ghost Writer* in a magazine called "Nights and Days." Only two chapters were published before the magazine folded, unfortunately.

Somewhere inside me, I knew that the serial format was the best way to "force" me to finish a story. It certainly worked with My Island. And it would sure seem like it'd work as well for any new projects of mine, too.

(Bear with me. I'm thinking out loud, here... Or at least, whatever you'd call the blogging equivalent of that.)

Depending on the amount of chapters in any given story, I could easily -- "easily" being a relative term -- churn out a book a year. Maybe even more. Hopefully, once each book was completed, I could have it published, and actually make money from it. And I could keep doing that until I'd accumulated enough "F*** You Money" to take me to Aruba, or Ireland, or wherever...

Of course, everything posted on this new blog wouldn't have to be from a proposed novel. There are shorter stories in David's (not David'Z) Vault of Unfinished Ca-Ca, as well.

Anyway, it's a nice idea. And even the longest journey begins with a single step, so they say.

I've toyed with the idea of a second blog before, half-seriously. But this time, I'm completely serious.

This second blog would have a fixed schedule for posts, unlike "David'Z RantZ." One chapter per week. On a Monday, perhaps. I'd have to be on time. And you'd have to be patient between installments. Fair enough?

SO! A second blog? Maybe.


I'll let you know soon. Very soon. All I need is a little more motivation. And feedback. And a title. I already have three proposed titles -- "David's Vault of Unfinished Ca-Ca" is emphatically not one of them, by the way -- and I'm even taking suggestions, too, for now...

However, I should warn you that if you suggest something, and I use it, I ain't gonna pay you squat!

Just sayin'.

Thanks for your time... and for whatever else you're giving away for free. (I mean, hey, I just gave you a whole book... !)

*By the way, My Island fans may be interested in knowing that the Ghost Writer story I mentioned above has a prominent female character who is strongly based on "our" very own Patty. Maybe that story could be the first serial on my new blog?


  1. David,
    How about calling your new blog, "send it to Shell-Head?"

  2. Not bad, not bad... Maybe I should change "David'Z RantZ: The OpinionZ and ObservationZ of The Silver Fox!" to "David'Z RantZ: A Blogger POP ART Production!" (And like, SIX people -- including IANO -- are gonna get that!) How 'bout if I re-work my template to include DC Go-Go Checks at the top, while I'm at it? And I could change my profile picture to a gorilla...

    Actually, I did a Google search to see if anyone had thought of one of my top contenders yet, but over 800 people have thought of "Writer's Blogk" already. Oops.

  3. I caught up... I CAUGHT UP!!

    Phew, what a ride.

    Sorry to read you have been feeling crappy. Hopefully, you are on the mend now. If not, I know a good vet. Just kidding. I really do hope you feel better soon.

    Take care.

  4. Hi, Jayne! Just curious: Good ride? Bad ride? So-so ride?

    Your Mum liked it, btw.

    Hope your recent health issues are stabilized, too. We Blogger-bloggers worry about you when you're not blogging regularly, don'tcha know!

  5. Hey... Hey!!!

    Whattya mean, "A GOOD VET?!?!?!"

  6. Stories from the attic.

    Tales from the Silver Fox

    Silver Fox Tales

    Paperback Writer

    Writer's Lane

    Norwegian Book

    All You need is Book

    Writer's Fields Forever

    Stories in the sky with Diamonds

    The old man and the Sea....

    Ooops I think that one is taken.

    You didn't type as groggy. You must be doing better.

  7. Ishat: You were really onm a roll until you got sidetracked by the ever-popular Beatles Game!

    I love "Silver Fox Tales!" I did an internet search to see if anyone else is using it for a blog title, and someone is, but even though her presence is up-to-date elsewhere on the 'net, she hasn't posted anything to her "Silver Fox Tales" blog since 2006. I may contact her to see if I can "steal" it.

    To be continued...

  8. In honour of Patty, I'd name a blog Patty's Professor's Philosophical Ponderings or something like that.

  9. "In honour of Patty?" Oh, great, another Anglophile!

    And as far as your suggested title, the URL for "David'Z RantZ" is So I guess the URL for "Patty's Professor's Philosophical Ponderings" would have to be You can type something that long into your address bar, buddy; I'll pass! ;-)

  10. Gee, how about The Lair of Silver Fox? I don't know...I just feel as if that would be so you, ya know? lol


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