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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In My Mailbox

The past few days have not been fun. I've had severe back pain which has kept me housebound. How severe? Monday was my mother's ninety-first birthday, and all she got from me on that day was a couple of phone calls. I couldn't get out to see her. (She and I rescheduled her official birthday get-together, just so you know.)

That's one of the main reasons I've been lax as far as contributing any new posts to David'Z RantZ. I've been saving my computer time for shorter tasks, like answering email... although I did manage to throw something up -- you should pardon the expression -- on my joke website, The New David'Z RantZ.

Well, I was feeling somewhat better today -- but not very much -- so I forced myself out of the house to do some essential errands, like food for my cat, and a post office run.

Not much in my p.o. box... My final cable bill -- I just decided to go cold turkey on TV! -- and one of those cards that senators and representatives send out so you'll vote for them...

Whoa! This one's a little different! (I've obscured the name of the congressman.)

Clicking on image will enlarge it, like, 47 times.
You don't wanna do it. Really.

This necessitated a quick flip to the other side...

Clicking on image will enlarge it, like, 47 times.
You don't wanna do it. Really.

Wow. Not "Vote for Me," but "Don't Vote for Him!" Who's this poor bastard's opponent? I wondered.

So I checked out the small print:

Ahhh, the benefits of anonymity! So handy when mounting an attack. Well, someone's spending an awful lot of money to defeat Representative So-and-So.

At least when McCain and Obama attack each other, they have the stones to say that they approved the message.

(UPDATE: As was oh-so-correctly pointed out by reader "Shrek," they more likely do it because they're required to, by law. Oh, well.)

Now I don't know what to do. I'm not sure I'd want to vote for Representative So-and-So, after reading all of this, but I don't want to vote for his sleazy opponent(s), either.

Several years ago, I read about some small town which included "none of the above" at the end of each list of candidates for any office. Theoretically, if you didn't like any of the choices, you'd vote for "none of the above." If the improbable (but possible) happened, and "none of the above" actually won, that office's duties would be performed by those who would ordinarily assist the office-holder in his or her duties. If there weren't any designated assistants, they'd feel comfortable letting nobody do the job, I suppose, figuring that if the job were truly important, someone of a decent caliber to fill it would have stepped up to the plate.

Not a perfect system, certainly, but let's say that they didn't take it to such an extreme. How about this: If "none of the above" wins, the second-place winner will get the job? How'd you like to serve a term saying, "Well, I was actually the second choice for this position. The first choice was... um... nobody."

See, folks, this is why I don't get political.

I'll try to post something more "real" very soon.

Thanks for your time.


  1. That guy's resume (drunk driving, etc. etc.) is no different than George Bush's. He'll prob get elected.

    Hope u feel bettah soon (as we Bostonians like to say)!

  2. Dear Rantz,

    Do you REALLY need three blogs??

    Who the heck do you think you are, Doctor Important or something?

    Captain MustRead?

    Pain in the ass.

    I'll read this one and not the others.

    Just letting you know.

  3. Kathy (love that icon):

    This guy's been in local politics forever, constantly re-elected. Wonder if he ever considered the national scene, as per your implied suggestion.

    Thanks for hoping I feel "bettah." By the way, have you seen my occasional RantZ & commentZ telling people outside of Massachusetts that everyone in this state -- like myself -- doesn't talk that way? Outsiders think we all sound like the Kennedys.

    Did you see this one? You may have. A certain "Joe Doherty" did...

    Or have we had this conversation before? (Damn that Alzheimer's!)

  4. IANO: I need three blogs so I can distribute the same amount of posts to three different sites, which will make my posts on each less frequent.

    It ticks off the impatient types, like Sparkle and Cake.

    So, anyway... if I write anything really nasty about you on one or both of the other two, you'll never see it? Not that I'd do that, of course...

    "Captain MustRead?"

  5. when you say "talks like the Kennedys"... You mean George or Jaime Kennedy, right?

  6. Kathy. Now you're just being silly.

    I meant Jayne Kennedy, of course. (Remember her?)

  7. Jayne Kennedy. The one with Tarzan, right???

    And this post:

    Was brilliant. But thanks for pointing it out to Kathy, she'll know my dirty secret about my idols being Bob & Doug MacKenzie.

  8. Umm... Yeah, Joe... That's the one.

    And IANO's giving me crap about having three blogs, but doesn't give you crap about having two Blogger aliases? Huh!

  9. It isn't that McCain and Obama have the stones to say they approved their attack ads--they are required to do so under the current campaign finance law.

  10. Different blogger aliases are for dopes!

  11. I can relate. I'm tired of elections being for the lesser of two evils. That's why I, too, stay away from politics in my blog.

  12. Hmf. I let My Little Ponies do the politicking on *my* blog. heeheeheeheehee.

  13. PS Hope you're soon feeling a lot better!!


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