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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Putting Things in Perspective

(The following post originally appeared on my DiaryLand page on January 7, 2005. Beyond that, it's fairly self-explanatory. I pre-scheduled it last Wednesday to post today. Gotta love that Blogger feature! This is so cool. I haven't really been around "here" for days!)

I guess we all need a wake-up call once in a while.

In my last RantZ entry, immediately before Christmas, I dipped a little more deeply than usual into my personal "well," as it were, and more than implied that things in my personal life have pretty much depressed me for the past several months. There have been a few oases of nice occurrences, but I pretty much had the attitude of "sucks to be me." And this attitude uncharacteristically invaded my RantZ pages.

(Um. There's no actual apology forthcoming for that little anomaly, in case you're wondering. Each time you visit this page, you do so at your own risk, after all. "Enter freely and of your own free will," and all that.)

So, there I was, wallowing in my own little puddles of disappointment and hard times, although acknowledging somewhere in the back of my mind that there were & are people whose lives were progressing much, much more dismally than mine. But, as I often say to anyone who'll listen, "My broken finger hurts me more than your broken leg hurts... me." In other words, it's all relative, so my problems affect me more than your problems do, because they're... well... my problems. And no amount of sympathizing, empathizing, or any other kind of 'pathizing (No, it's not a word; don't bother looking it up!) with anyone else is gonna change that.

Well, usually not.

Anybody seen the news lately?

The death toll from the earthquake and subsequent tsunamis which assaulted Southeast Asia is still increasing. I won't go into great detail about this enormous tragedy, figuring that you know everything you want to know about it if you follow the news at all, and there's certainly nothing new that I can add in terms of overall information. But as I watched the estimated deaths increase by thousands every bulletin, it sort of made my own troubles -- some medical issues, a few late payments, a handful of skipped meals, an emotional disappointment or two (or even three) and some more things I won't mention here (or anywhere else, for that matter) -- pale by comparison. Estimates leaped by roughly twenty thousand at a time!

In fact, they still haven't halted the tally. The latest article (about an hour ago) I read had estimated 145,000 deaths. It's truly mind-boggling. And saddening.

Even more than having your defroster crack your car's windshield the day before you go for your inspection sticker.

(And no, I'm not making fun of them, I'm making fun of me. I can do that.)

Like I said, putting things in perspective...

(Hmm. Another unfunny one. Gotta pull out of this dive... )

Thanks for your time.


  1. We're all entitled to wallow a little David! My parents were in and around the Thailand area when the tsunami hit, we didn't know where they were or were supposed to be exactly, thankfully they were safe, but it doesn't change the heartache all of those people have felt and are still dealing with.
    Did you post/plan your intro in advance as well?

  2. Yes, Sarah, I edited my old stuff and wrote the new intros a few days ago, then disappeared from Blogger in general. I didn't get to look at any of my favorite links, either (like yours). Wish me luck catching up.

    And by the way, even though it happened a few years ago, I'm glad everything ended up well with your parents during that horrible time.


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