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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another All-New "Short Shorts!"

1. There seems to be a debate as to whether using cell phones at a gasoline pump is dangerous. What little I've read on the subject says they probably aren't dangerous. I wish they'd find out for sure. And if they're not, then they can take it off the sign next to the pump which tells you about all the other evil things that you shouldn't do while filling your tank.

Until then, if I catch you using your cell phone at the pump, I will be the pain in the ass who tells you that you shouldn't be doing that.

That's all the warning you get.

2. No pictures this time. Oh, well, don't want you to get spoiled.

3. Boy, the economy sucks -- there's a newsflash for ya, huh? -- and people are falling behind in all sorts of payments. I know that because I've been getting lots of calls from collection agencies.

What's that? Oh, no, not for my debts! Nope. For other people's debts. In the past twenty-four hours alone, I've gotten two calls meant for my next-door neighbor.

How the hell did/do they get my number instead of his? Some computerized something-or-other that goes by the house address? Well, if so, they'd better tune it up, because they've only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to how rude I can be when I get these calls!

4. Mitch Mitchell, 1947-2008, R.I.P. ~~ Drummer Mitch Mitchell, the last surviving member of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, has died at the age of 61. Not much to add to that. Damned shame, 'though.

5. I'm not going to go into the whys and wherefores here and now -- if ever -- folks, but I'm about to disappear from the 'net -- not just this blog -- for a bit. Maybe a couple of days, maybe a couple of weeks, depending on whether I make bail several variables. A lot needs to be done, and my "Silver Fox" blog is pre-programmed & ready to go for the next couple of entries, so... There you have it.

Consider me MIA until further notice.

Thanks for your time.


  1. Have fun and/or be well and/or let us know if you want a cake with a file in it and/or let us know if you want Cake to drop by with a file and/or stay gold ponyboy! Look forward to visiting the lair.

  2. Good luck...hope things are okay and, if they're not, I hope they get okay.

  3. I feel like I'm playing tag, following Sparkle around the internet today.

    You're It, Sparkle! *dashes off*

  4. HA! Not so fast, my fine, fleet-footed friend!

    kramer-skids into secret passage to Cake's blog, hightails it after Cake, steps on cyber-rake, knocks self out, small flock of cyber canaries circle head

  5. Missed me, missed me! *tags Sparkle again, leaps small wall, disappears into blog forest*

  6. 1. I do know of a certain petrol station(Hess),on a certain street(Belmont),in a certain city(Worcester)where the over-sized gorilla of a cashier will refuse to turn on your pump,'til you've put away your cell. It's best to do as he(and the sign)say...


    3.You actually answer the phone?

    4.R.I.P. Mitch(you beat me on this one David, congrats?)I'm still surprised Bill Ward is around.

    5.I remember being MIA at one point in my Naval career( no wait, I think I was passed out somewhere in the innards of Panama. Or maybe that was Peru. Twas better that way,as I was less of a target).

    Hope it's nothing too serious but I'm around if you need a hand(or possible bill bail).

  7. David, the whole thing about cell phones being dangerous at gas stations is an urban legend. Check out the Snopes website.

    "There is no evidence whatsoever that a wireless phone has ever caused ignition or explosion at a station anywhere in the world. Wireless phones don't cause gas stations to blow up. Warnings being posted in petrol stations simply perpetuate the myth."

  8. Sparkle: There's another variation on the whole Cake with a file thing which could be painful... and borderline obscene. And as much as I'd like the visit from Cake, can you send somebody single?

    Cake & Sparkle: Stop running in here! I don't have insurance if one of you falls. (Oh, crap, Sparkle fell!)

    SubTorp: 3. Rarely.

    Blunoz: Thanks! Now, as my entry said, we just need to get the service stations -- oh, who am I kidding, the gas stations -- to change their freakin' signs.

    See y'all again.... I hope.

  9. Don't drop the soap. That is, unless you want to drop the soap. If that's the case the hurl that mother.

    But really, I hope all is well.

  10. Hi David,

    Mythbusters actually tested the cell phone/gas pump myth...and it was completely busted. The cause of a lot of gas pump fires is the static electricity of people getting in and out of their cars while the gas is pumping.



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