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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For Long-Time Comic Book Geeks Only

Leave it to "Robby Reed" of Dial B for Blog to find a photo of Steve
Ditko which is not the same damned photo everyone has seen before!

A quote from Roy Thomas:

I'll never forget the day I walked into one Marvel office not long after Ditko quit, and here's John Romita drawing Amazing Spider-Man and Larry [Lieber] drawing the Spider-Man Annual and Marie Severin drawing "Dr. Strange," and I joked, "This is the Steve Ditko Room; it takes three of you to do what Steve Ditko used to do."

You'll either "get" it, or you won't.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. ~~ Happy Belated Birthday, Steve Ditko! (November 2nd.)


  1. DITKO! I have no idea who you are, yet I celebrate you. DITKO!

  2. I know all the names and yet I don't get the joke. Do I get half points?

  3. Wasn't Steve Ditko the guy who played "The Unknown Comic" on the Gong Show?

  4. Wasn't Steve Ditko the guy who was my doorman?

  5. Well, at least I get it. Then again, I'm not a true comic book nerd( no offence David ). What do I know? I'm listening to Spike Jones as I write this( The Blue Danube, as a matter of fact ).

    And by "THEY" ,are you refering to M.E.?( now Doodles Weaver is trying to sing the Flying Trapeze )or....

  6. SubTorp: Yes, "They" includes you.

    Sparkle: Steve Ditko co-created Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. He also created the Question and Mr. A. He co-created the Creeper, Stalker, the Destructor...

    He's been busy.

  7. Cake: Half points? Geez. Being cute only gets you so far in life, you know...


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