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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Was Covered Either Way!



Just sayin'.

Thanks for your time.

"I'm Clark Kent, and I approved this message. (And that damned Sarah Palin stole my wink!)"


  1. HA! Good one, Rantzy! (Palin looks much better in that outfit than Biden woulda.)

  2. Follow-up Query from Previous Post: How did you end up with five shrunken heads? Is it like that thing where people know you collect something, so suddenly you start gettin' that thing for every birthday and holiday?

  3. Sparkle:

    I was on eBay, looking for a toy head-shrinking head kit (NOT the Vincent Price game) from the 1960s, and saw five different shrunken heads which appealed to me for various reasons. I bought them all in the space of a week, then got tired of them a few months later. (That happens a lot with stuff in my collection.)

    As far as seeing Joe Biden (well, someone who's supposed to be Biden)in an outfit similar to the Wonder Woman costume, check out the video I've captioned "Out Clubbing with the CandidateZ!"

  4. Davidz: I 100% understand your acquisition of the five heads--sounds like something I would have done with the able assistance of the cracklike phenomenon known as eBay. Possibly with shrunken heads, possibly something else...

    Did you collect anything when you were a kid? Maybe that'll come next as part of the great new "Lair" story! (I was somehow assigned to collect little china cows when I was little. I still do not understand how that happened. Little china cows?)

  5. I collected lots of stuff when I was a kid, but after the Aero three-parter, I think I'm going to do a short story involving Leonard Cohen. (Which ought to be of interest to at least two Blogger bloggers I can think of... )

    After that, I might use the Christmas story I've been working on, if I end up deciding it's good enough.

    Then there's an anecdote I'm writing about what was possibly the most dangerous thing I've ever done on behalf of my writing!

    And once we hit the new year, I may finally do a longer story, like "My Island" was.

    Everything's tentative at this point. And why am I discussing all this good "Lair" stuff on the "RantZ" page?

    I collected cows for a while, too. Odd.


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