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Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh, They Mean Well, But...

First (Imaginary) Scenario: I'm with a friend at McDonald's -- or Wendy's, or Burger King -- and the girl at the counter is... not really rude, just rather indifferent. My friend and I proceed to our table.

Friend: Well, there you go.

Myself: There I go... what?

Friend: There's your next blog post.

Myself: How's that?

Friend: Your next blog post, your next rant! There you go!

Myself: What are you talking about?

Friend: That waitress, the rude one. There's your next rant.

Myself: She wasn't really rude.

Friend: Well, there's your next rant.

* * * * *

Second (Imaginary) Scenario: A friend and I drive through an area I haven't passed through in over thirty years.

Myself: Wow... I haven't been around here in ages. Maybe even since I was a kid! [pointing] See that store? I must have gone there dozens of times when I was a kid. I'm surprised it's still open.

Friend: You should write a blog post about it.

Myself: What?

Friend: You should write a blog post about it.

Myself: Nahh... Nothing there to really write about. It's just a random memory.

Friend: You should write a blog post about it.

* * * * *

Third (Imaginary) Scenario: I'm giving a friend a ride, helping her do a few errands.

Friend: They moved it again...

Myself: Moved what?

Friend: [Names favorite new TV program] They changed its night again. How's it supposed to build up an audience and keep from being canceled if they keep changing the night it's on?

Myself: [shrugs]

Friend: That should be your next rant.

Myself: [shrugs]

Friend: Are you listening to me?

Myself: Yes. I'm also trying to watch the road.

Friend: It should be your next rant.

Myself: [shrugs]

Friend: Well, don't you hate it when they do that?

Myself: When they do what?

Friend: See? You're not listening!

Myself: Yes, I was...

Friend: Don't you hate it when they keep changing the night a program's on, so it doesn't get a chance to build up an audience, and it gets canceled?

Myself: [almost shrugs again, but thinks better of it] Sometimes. It doesn't bother me that much.

Friend: It should be your next rant.

* * * * *

Okay, friends -- and by "friends," I mean just that, my real friends in my real life, moreso than other bloggers -- here's the new deal:

I'll write 'em. You read 'em. But you know how I feel about unasked-for advice, right? If it doesn't click for me, I'm not going to write it.

So if you really want to see all these ideas of yours on the 'net... Git yer own blog.

Thanks for your time.


  1. David,
    You should write a blog (or Rant) about friends who suggest blogs (or Rants) that you should write!

  2. Or maybe a rant about folks who leave comments about your rant about friends who suggest rants!!

    I'm a genius!

  3. Cake:

    "I'm a genius!"

    In a twisted, Pinky and the Brain kinda way, I suppose...

  4. I like when bloggers write about having writer's block.

  5. I tried to blog about writer's block once, but I couldn't come up with anything.

  6. Same thing we do every night, Pinky...TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  7. I like Saul's idea.

    It would be funny. A fan suggestion based blog.

    In this case we will pretend they are fans and not well meaning friends.

    David'Z Friend'Z & Fan'Z Rant'Z

  8. You should write more posts about "abdication pussycats!"

    Or maybe about how some poor animals don't get enough food because their stupid owners are out getting la-

    [hides under bed as David'Z car pulls into driveway]

  9. Hey! Blogger changed its formatting so that it shows upper-case letters in the "name" space when we leave comments!

  10. whoa whoa whoa! I clearly remember a request for our blog!! Writing about how we met and how we keep it going?

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander Rantz!

    I never understood that stupid line.

    It's up by the way. The She said LDR post.


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