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Saturday, November 1, 2008

So, I Didn't Make It... (or, "Okay, So I Lied. Sue Me.")

Damn. As I finally get the time to sit down at my computer, it's 11:42 PM on Friday, and my unfinished draft for my "Wildflower" post is still just that. Unfinished.

Looks like I get to go back to my last post and edit it so it'll look like I never really promised to have the "Wildflower" entry posted Friday.

That, and I can throw a few tid-bits your way:

1. Remember my unnamed local politician from this entry? Well, a few hours after having received a "robocall" -- which featured... umm... "What's-His-Name," my state's lieutenant governor -- on behalf of "Representative So-and-So" on Friday, I received a call from Rep. So-and-So himself.

Live, as it were.


Rep. So-and-So -- whom I'll just call "Paul" from here on in, because.... well, because that's his freakin' name, folks! -- had a nice brief chat with me about the postcard smear campaign aimed against him. (And yes, I brought the subject up first, as you may have assumed, knowing me.) He assured me that he hasn't taken a drink since the night he was stopped for DUI, putting his past indiscretions in the "everybody makes mistakes" category. Fair enough. I've made one, mayyyybe two, in my own life, if I recall correctly...

I in turn directed Paul to several different chapters of My Island in which Patty, LeeAnn, Wayne, Diana, and/or myself drove around drunk and/or drinking without regard for human...

Okay, okay. I didn't really.

However, I did assure Paul that his opponent's dirty tactics -- and, I should stress, the other, good things I know about Paul's record -- have made me decide to give him my vote on Tuesday...

Or... whenever the election is. Has anybody heard?

2. "Studs" Terkel has just died -- or, as he would have probably phrased it, "checked out" -- at the age of 96. Someday I'll probably create a whole series of celebrity tributes -- called "I Should Have Known Better," since I'm a Beatles nut -- based on the idea that many recently-deceased celebs were people I really wish I'd known more about. "Studs" would be included there. I'm really not anywhere near as familiar with his work as I feel I should be.

To whom do you apologize for something like that?

Now this is my idea of a police car! Almost looks like one of the 1980s comic book versions of the Batmobile, dunnit? Hoo-hah!

4. Months ago, before I started using photos of the older, bearded Orson Welles as "my" profile photo on my blogs, I used a South Park-inspired icon, created here. A few of the other Blogger bloggers ("Lois Lane" and "Redbeard," to name two, IIRC) had a little bit of fun creating (or re-creating) themselves on their own blogs.

(And by the way, Redbeard's engaging site wins the dubious award for "Weblog I Visit Regularly Which Has The Absolute Most Assorted Sidebar
ShitStuff, So That It Takes Forever To Load On My Computer, With My Piss-Poor DSL Connection." Just sayin'.)

Anyway, I just wanted to tell y'all that I recently returned to the South Park character-creator site recently, and they're offering a lot more options for creating a South Park type figure. (Different body types, more colors, tattoos, more skin tones, more backgrounds, etc.) Have fun, boys'n'girls!

5. As you may have noticed by now, there are a lot of things in life that piss me off... but one of the things that inordinately annoys me is when I've parked in a public parking lot, and I return to my car only to find a flyer for someone's business on my windshield.

I have two choices: Do I wrinkle it in disgust and throw it on the ground? Probably not a good idea. That's called littering. It's against the law. I could be fined for doing it. My other choice is to take it home (or elsewhere), where I can dispose of it properly. Making the second choice means that I have now been forced by circumstances into throwing away someone else's trash. Thanks a lot, s**t-head. Like I don't already have enough to do during the course of my day.

My only recourse against this practice -- outside of telephoning the idiot responsible (if it's a person providing a service), or entering their store to complain in person -- is to promise myself that I will never patronize any business that leaves their trash on my vehicle! (Damn, I think I've just used up my 2008 allotment of italicized words.)

To that, I can only add (and I'm -- theoretically -- speaking directly to the offending parties here) "so there," or, more to the point, "F**k you!"

6. I've said a few times recently that the frequency of my "David'Z RantZ" posts may start decreasing. Well, it's happening, slowly but shirley... errr, I mean surely.

Some signs of my personal apocalypse:
  • There's just too damned much going on in my personal life, whether good, bad, or "eh"... That's just how it is.
  • I've pretty much committed to do a weekly post to my second blog, "The Lair of the Silver Fox." Writing most of the upcoming posts to that blog will be time-consuming. Really time-consuming. "Real" writing, as opposed to whatever the hell this is. In fact, it'll almost be like real work, but without the added bonus of a paycheck.
  • If anything ever "happens" to me -- and yes, that means when I f**king croak -- whoever gets to dispose of my half-century worth of accumulated collectibles and other crapola has a truly monumental and unenviable task ahead of him or her. As Mr. T would say, "I pity the fool!" So I need to unload literally tons of stuff -- books, music, & movies -- between now and... [insert ominous background music here]... then. Being one who needs a sense of closure, I wanna read all of my un-read books, comics, & magazines before disposing of them, listen to all of my un-listened-to records, CDs, & cassettes before disposing of them, and watch all of my un-watched VHS tapes & DVDs before disposing of them! That means considerably less recreational computer time. As it is, I've already cancelled my cable TV. No more "new" programing to distract me (plus, I save $80 a month).
  • Hell, I can't even keep up with the dying celebrities on this blog! It used to be that when I heard of a celebrity's passing, I'd immediately sit down and dash off however many paragraphs it took me to do justice to so-and-so's memory, in accordance with my own feelings about the person. Now it's more of a "when I get around to it" type of thing. (I still haven't written anything about Tom Fagan -- "Who?" -- but I will.)
  • I've had to fight just to find time to read all the blogs by others that I enjoy (and link to). And as far as commenting on said blogs.... Yeah, that'll happen when & if it happens.
  • Besides, what have I got to write RantZ about, anyway? Look outside your window, folks, or read a newspaper. Everything's f**king perfect!
  • By the way, I should mention that, related to number... Oh, wait, there are no numbers, I just decided to do the so-called "bullet" thing... I should mention that all of this has nothing to do with the various medical issues I've alluded to on these "pages." Depending on your interpretation of those, you probably figure that I'm the world's biggest medical basket case and ready to shuffle off this mortal coil any minute now, or that I'm the world's biggest freakin' hypochondriac. (And, as is almost always the case, folks, the truth lies somewhere in between.) This isn't a scenario where Puff, that mighty dragon, sadly slips into his cave. (Besides, I'm not stopping this blog, just cutting down... eventually.) And you'll "always" have "The Lair of the Silver Fox" to fall back on. (Just don't "fall back" on it too hard, okay? Several things in there are breakable!)
Wow, this was almost kinda sorta pretty much a "Short Shorts" post by default, wunnit?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. ~~ I will put up the damned "Wildflower" post, but not until it's rilly, rilly ready!


  1. Sorry about that. Hey, I can't help it that you refuse to upgrade. ;) Works fine for me. Admittedly, I am a gadget geek.

  2. Somehow I knew I'd hear from you about this post... !

    Actually, until I quit my Crappy Day Job -- which was for the cable company -- I had a free 5M connection. Once I left, keeping that would have cost me around $45 a month, so I went with the much cheaper DSL. So it wasn't exactly a refusal to upgrade, it was actually a downgrade. Or, as we used to say when I was a kid, "same difference."

    Couldn't resist ribbing you, though.

  3. I had a DSL a few years ago. Hated it. Never again. I'd rather get killed on my cable bill than to ever deal with THAT again.

    Actually I eliminated some of the sidebar silliness, and I thank you for bringing that to my attention.

    I'm sorry, I haven't been reading all that closely of late, but you haven't been the only recipient of my inattention. Things have been quite busy around here and my attention has been stretched in a million directions. I haven't even had any time to send IANO hate mail comments of late, one of my all-time pleasures, alas. However, I still come back here for the abdication pussy.

  4. I know what you mean about seeming inattentive. I sometimes read two or three days' worth of someone's blog, and don't always have time to leave comments. Too many blogs that I enjoy, I guess.

    Your last comment reminds me of when I was writing "My Island," using Sparkle as a sounding board for editorial comments and other little points here and there. Initially, I had hesitated using the term "abdication pussy." I thought it was really clever, and funny.... but also thought, "Is it going too far?" considering that there was a lot of profanity in the story -- there had to be, for Patty to really "be" Patty -- but not too much that was really obscene or "dirty." I always kept the readers "outside of the bedroom," as far as detail, which is why I almost cut a frivolous comment Patty made in public about oral sex that made a teenaged boy who overheard it walk off the sidewalk. I decided the kid's reaction was funny enough to excuse it.

    Anyway, before using "abdication pussy," I wrote a private email to Sparkle, telling her about the term, putting it in context. She told me in so many words that it was indeed funny and clever and that I HAD to use it. But I was still afraid of reader reaction.

    After the term appeared in the story, Sparkle made some public comments on my blog where SHE used the term, almost as if to make a pre-emptive strike and say, "Hey, everybody, I'm a woman, and if it doesn't bother ME, it shouldn't bother YOU." (Talk about someone backing you up, huh?)

    Nobody EVER objected, by the way.

    And... Did I mention that I think Sparkle is absolutely wonderful and terrific and fabulous and marvelous and peachy and... and... all sorts of similar stuff?

  5. I'm glad that you did, but realize it's even more useful especially when you use it in a metaphorical context.

    That Sparkle sure is a doll and a sweetheart, I'm glad she approved.


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