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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday Cake (Update)

It's 12:01 A.M.

May I be the very first Blogger-blogger to post:

"Happy birthday to my favorite Canucklehead!"

Pass the infrastructure.

Thanks for your time, eh. Just sayin'.

P.S. ~~ I did want to give credit where credit was due, so... Put it this way: I didn't bake the David Tennant cake! The pictures above were borrowed -- with permission -- from the blog of The Caked Crusader. Feel free to check out the blog!


  1. Awesome! It's the perfect dessert! PERFECT, I say, eh!

    Thanks for this...big smiles from the Canucklehead here.

    (When's my slice of that cake arrive in the mail, anyways?)

  2. p.s.
    Did you find that online or is it your own creation? Whatta riot...!

    ::blows out candle, wishes for Tenna-- uh never mind, not supposed to tell the wish::

  3. I'm hoping you'll get your slice soon. Tricky US/Canadian postage, y'know.

    (Actually, I stole it... I emailed the person who created and posted it and asked for permission but didn't get a "yes" or "no" yet. So if it disappears soon, that's why!!!)

    Glad you liked it. The way things have been going for me lately, I couldn't help thinking, "Watch. Something here is gonna piss her off!"

    I don't think you'd want that wish posted publicly, anyway.

  4. It's great...and now I'm hungry.

    For dessert, for dessert! Not for Tennant...well, wait...

    Anyways, for the record, I'm very difficult to piss off...I'm easy to annoy if you know what the right triggers are (and, no, I'm not telling you, ha!) but pissing me off in general is very hard.

    Sorry things haven't been so hot, though. 2009 will be better!

  5. I say so.

    And that blog is great...I'd add it to my reading list but I really don't need to go around wanting dessert all the time. *puffs out cheeks*

  6. I hope you saved cake for everyone Mr Rant'z.

    Not the nose bit though. That would put me off.

  7. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderfully crazy lady who likes to bake and share recipes!


  8. OK, I'll admit I'm wonderful but I'm not crazy! Still, if you all enjoyed my site then feel free to call me what you want......!

  9. Caked Crusader: Thanks again for the use of the photos. As you can tell from the comments, she liked the "present."

  10. no no I said wonderfully crazy lady. That's completely different from plain old crazy!

  11. Thanks for your visits to my site.

    I know this is a place for rants but can I just wish you all a happy christmas!

  12. To The Caked Crusader (or can I just call you "The" for short?): Can you wish us all a happy Christmas? *sigh* Well, if you insist... ! And the same back at you.

    By the way, Sarah ( even linked to your blog!


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