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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Billy Mays, The Oxy-Moron!"

I really can't stand this guy. If I wanted someone to scream at me like that, I'd turn up the volume on my television.

Thanks for your grime time.


  1. I can't stand him, either. Finger nails on a blackboard( can I say that? )are less of an aural irritation. Mom hates him, as well. Does anyone like this guy? Break out the duct tape( quack, quack! ). With all the tech out there, they should've come up with a way to auto-mute a telly when adverts are on. Then back to sound when the show comes back round.

  2. Ya know, when he died I wasn't happy because I try not to celebrate the loss of human life but...ummm...I was sure glad I would never again have to see one of those goddamned commercials with his big mouth at 2 in the morning. :)


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