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Monday, January 12, 2009


Kate Winslet. Golden Globes.

But of course! I mean...

Say what?

Oh, it's an awards show? I thought...


Thanks for your time.



  1. Ahem, obscure reference to Gene Wilder's line in Young Frankenstein...I'm sure you'll recall it.

    They still do awards shows? I really should start watching the telly again( nah ). Don't know what you have to apologise for...

  2. "Don't know what you have to apologise for..."

    So, you're back to serious questions/comments about the goofy stuff?

    And: "apologise" and "telly" ~~ What is it about Blogger that attracts so many Anglophiles?

  3. Anglophile? Sorry, I still converse in( and spell like-wise in )multiple langauges. Bloody silly, wot?

    And since when is a "Young Frankenstein" reference serious?

    And why did my blog photo not update, here? heck with it!

  4. Changing your profile photo only works on a "go forward" basis. Your older comments will always have whatever photo you were using at the time you made them.

  5. English women and Latinas... you know me well...

  6. HEY! Is that Sophia Vergergergera? (Please note: I ALWAYS have to google her first name 'cause I ALWAYS go with Sofia thinking Loren and yap yap will this parenthetical comment ever end? Guess not. Maybe so.)

    If so, why does she not WARRANT a post-post label? Infamy!

  7. Sparkle! You lovely green-headed li'l thing, you!

    When I add something to my post after my usual "Thanks for your time," or its variants, I diligently use a "P.S." notation.

    When someone else (supposedly) adds something, I just put his or her statements in quotes, in yellow print.

    For examples, see Lucas McCain's remark from October 3rd (, and Clark Kent's comment from November 5th (

    Therefore, "Infiel!" was Sofia Viagra's... I mean, Sofia Vergara's epithet, not mine. Hell, I don't even speak Spanish, so I -- *ahem* -- couldn't have written that! (Although I believe that "Infiel!" means either "male slut" or "sexy bastard." I'd have to go to some site like BabelFish to find out.)

  8. Your pretty words dance about me in beguiling patterns, but I cannot discern their meaning.

    All I'm sayin' is: Sophia Vergarararararara deserves to be included in your labels for this post along next to Kate Winslet and Golden Globes--despite the cogent rule you delineate but that I cannot understand because my brain just went on strike. Actually, it went on strike a few years ago and I've just been operating on vapor. As if people couldn't tell.

  9. Ohhhhh! Sorry. I misunderstood you when you wrote "post-post!" I thought you meant I should have written "P.S." right before her photo and comment. The term "label" should have told me you meant... umm... "label." Oops.


    By the way, it is "Sofia" with an "F," at least, according to her official website. ;-) [insert "F" joke here]

  10. Woo-hoo! And, zounds. Whenever I google her it comes up "ph." I am now completely kerphuphled.


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