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Friday, January 30, 2009

So Sorry, Sofia!

I tend to date younger women. And the older I get, the more of them there seem to be! Funny how that works, innit?

It won't be long before what I call "George Burns Syndrome" sets in.

"Why don't you date women your age?"

"There are no women my age."

Be that as it may, I hate to limit my options, so I'm not unwilling to date women my age, or even older.

Hold that thought in the back of your mind. The "why" of that will become apparent shortly.

Yesterday, I read a New York Times article about the upcoming digital changeover, the one which is currently scheduled to take place on February 17th. There are millions of people in this country -- more than 6.5 million, according to the article -- who are unprepared for the change.

One of those 6,500,000+ is a 77-year-old Houston woman named Vesta Clemmons. That's Vesta in the photo above. She considers her old Zenith to be a friend. And she is a bit confused by the upcoming changeover, but...

Check out the photo! See that little stereo unit? Our little Ms. Clemmons is no technological dunce! That stereo has a CD player attached, not a freakin' Victrola!

And here's what grabbed me: Vesta's musical favorites are Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne, and Nine Inch Nails!

In other words, fellow babies... Vesta Clemmons rocks!

77 years old or not... I wonder if her number's listed? Cuz I think I'm in love.

Thanks for your time.


  1. David. You? Date an older woman? What took you so long? Oh wait...I guess you already answered that. Except for the fact older women tend to have more experience...

    And where the hell does she parts for that old Zenith?

  2. Nine Inch Nails?? I wanna fuck her like an animal!

    (I'm lying.)

  3. Hahaha Too bad you didn't tap that. What a friggin' post that could have turned into....


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