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Saturday, January 17, 2009

You Won't Even Know I'm Gone...

Welcome to Sofiapalooza!!!

Yup. I'm "phoning it in" yet again. Sparse text, lotsa YouTube videos. But there's some justification, in that this ought to tide you over until I "return" from working on other projects, including my other blog.

I'm going to leave you with some videos and links to my #1 (current) celebrity crush, Sofia Vergara. And this isn't just aimed at the guys -- in fact, most of my readers are female -- or I would have embedded this one or this one. (Wink wink, nudge nudge. Check out the links, guys!)

Nope, by the end of today's lesson, everyone on the planet should know why I'm infatuated with this little lass. She's not only beautiful and sexy; she's also quite clever.

I, too, was initially a hard sell...

"Big and Tasty," indeed!

Okay, one bikini video! But it's a short one, and no one's actually forcing you to click on it, so skip it if you want to! (And this is actually her natural hair color!)

Here's a Jimmy Kimmel interview from last January which unfortunately is not available for embedding, but is still worth checking out! It shows her as a really entertaining person (he said defensively), as does the next clip.

And last but not least, the interview with Chelsea Handler which really made me go nuts over Ms. Vergara:

(By the way, while I don't expect any complaints from my male readers, I realize that some of my female readers -- especially those who blog on Blogger -- may think I'm stooping a bit low to devote an entire post to a current celebrity crush. (I can probably get away with yesterday's Lesley Gore post by labeling it as a childhood reminiscence.) So, to those ladies who do suggest that, I have two words to serve as a reminder of sorts for all of you: David Tennant.)

Thanks for your time.




    ::Ishat closes eys and has great big ole grin on her face::


    Yup. That's what I meant.

    "eyes.... not eys."

    You're "forgiven." It's hard to type accurately with your "eys" closed.

  3. Sofia Vergararararararara rocks! She should be working more. She should be starring in more films. Heck, she should be the leader of a country--Colombia, the U.S., whatever.

    I couldn't find the Jimmy Kimmel clip, but her conversation with Chelsea Handler is way funny. PLUS, per her Web site,, she does a great deal of good in the world.

    And: She does a killer Baywatch bikini run, for those to whom it matters.

  4. ::skimz::

    David'z has a crush on David Tennant?!

    Huh. Who knew!


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