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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Special Guest Rant

The ironically-named Christian Bale is at it again. The latest "Batman" actor, who allegedly assaulted his own mum and sis back in July, was recorded delivering the following freak-out on the set of Terminator: Salvation, just days before his arrest for that alleged assault on his own family members! The audio-tape was obtained by What follows is the censored version, which bleeps out 39 instances of the "F" word, or variations thereof!

And if you want to hear the dance mix -- no kidding! -- here it is. WARNING: The language in this video is not censored!

Thanks for your time.


  1. This prima-donna mediocre actor should be fired and "black-balled" from the profession...there are thousands of actors eager to work who are NOT jerks.

  2. The curse of "The Dark Knight" continues...

    Dude was great in An American Psycho.

  3. You kiddin'? The Big Lebowski's got this little rant beat in terms of the f-bomb. Also reference "The Magical Misery Tour"-National Lampoon Radio Days 1972. And I agree with Cousin Saul-black-ball 'im!

  4. I don't mind profanity, in the right context. I've certainly used enough in my time. And if a script says you're going to use the "F' word 39 times, you use the "F' word 39 times!

    What I mind is that the big important artiste ripped this "inferior" a new one for what seemed like several minutes. And when he ever said that he wouldn't come back if this other guy was going to be there... ! The director should have said, "Go for it, butt-head. It's called 'breach of contract.' "

    But noooooo, the public just loves these wacky, zany, scamps throwing telephones at people, and publicly berating crew members, and driving while drunk, and breaking all sorts of laws...

  5. Anger management anyone?

    This was before he attacked him mother and sister.

    He needs some of my special brownies. I will put Thorazine in his.


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