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Friday, March 13, 2009

I Really HATE This Expression...

...but I really can't think of a better word to use as a caption for the following photo than...


Thanks for your time.

P.S. -- I left the copyright notice on there. If I'm contacted by Peter Barry Chowka -- or his legal representatives -- I'll delete this post. Until then...


  1. David,
    Little-known fact about this photo of Nixon: Right after this picture was taken, he punched himself in the face and shouted, "Stupid! Stupid! Why didn't you just destroy ALL of the tapes?!"

  2. Happy Friday, David'z! Dang, I'm glad Cousin Saul weighed in with that historical tidbit. :-) (Really, don'tcha think that question must have occurred to Nixon once or twice? Wonder if he had a lot of dreams about the tapes?) Here's another historical tidbit for real: Nixon loved cottage cheese and ketchup (catsup). Together!

    Here's an alternate caption, but not as good as "BOO-ya!"


  3. How about: "Looks like I'm due for a manicure."

  4. Funny, I thought that Nixon was saying "Go Keene Act!" followed by "Hey Watchmen, who's your daddy"

  5. Sure he doesn't have a pair of dice in his fist( loaded, of course )?; "C'moooonnn seven!"

  6. Hey, you guys'n'gals are all pretty good at this! Those were all pretty funny! Ever think of starting your own blogs?

    (Oh, wait... They all do have their own blogs.)

    Tell you what: For tomorrow's post, I'll give you the topics, and y'all can Fill-in-the-RantZ! (Actually, that's exactly what I already had scheduled for the 19th. I'm just going to move it up a few days!)

  7. So to sum up:

    We're writing David'z blogz for him for the next little while.

    *snickers and runs away*

  8. p.p.s.
    Saul: Quick! Oprah is on! I hope you remembered to DVR/Tivo it while you were watching The View and As the World Turns!!

  9. "We're writing David'z blogz for him for the next little while."

    Nope. Just tomorrow. I have a full menu prepared, as it were, for the next week. (Or, eight days, according to my blog's header.)

    By the way, everybody, when I said "those were all pretty funny," I meant it. (I'm still laughing at the thought of Dick Nixon muttering, "C'moooonnn seven!")


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