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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Internet Never Closes

A lot of people seem to think that the internet is, like, closed on the weekends. That would mean that you can't post a blog. Or even read one.


Heck, I'll prove it. Without the aid of trick photography or unseen wires, I shall post a RantZ entry today -- and duh, this is it! -- tomorrow, and Sunday!

And they'll be short ones, so if you actually decide to read them, they won't take up the weekend hours you'd rather spend with your family, or friends, or whatever you do that you think is more important than vegging out in front of the PC for an afternoon.

And if you're really dead set on taking off for two days... Oh, hell, they'll still be here on Monday.


Thanks for your time.


  1. You David? A short post? I'll believe it, when I read it. Oh did! Wow,that was a quick read! But now I feel empty. Something's missing. No's just my tummy growing for food...sorry 'bout that.

  2. Are you SURE the Internet isn't closed on the weekends? On Saturdays and Sundays, I've often encountered cleaning women with mop buckets and "DANGER! Wet slippery floor!" orange cones at the entrance to the Internet. I wait awhile for them to finish mopping, but then I go outside to play or something...

  3. ¿Fijo todo? ¡Ciertamente! ¡Gracias por visitar!

  4. HOLY COW! I've got a mexican doppelganger!

  5. You do? What, would that be "Abundancia de la Chispa," or something?

  6. Is it o.k. if I have rompty pompty instead?

    Maybe we are all having a big ole orgy. No time to read.

    Damn, where did I put that box from Adam and Eve? I have my throw pillows and brownies ready.

  7. Oh sure, no problem.

    Do you have throw pillows and toys?

  8. Toys? Sure, lotsa toys.

    But they're all toys I had when I was growing up. Probably not the kind you meant, huh?

    Now that I think of it, there are a few things that would qualify. Handcuffs, a battery-operated body massager, a waffle iron...


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