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Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Weather" Or Not You Believe It...

Some people call it "global warming." Some call it "climate change." (I prefer the latter. The former term confuses people.)

Maybe you believe in it. Maybe you don't. Maybe you're one of the fence-straddlers who say, "Yes, it's happening, but it's happened throughout the history of the planet, and it'll happen regardless of what the human race does or doesn't do."

You know what? I don't really care which of the three above-mentioned choices you subscribe to. You believe what you want, and I'll believe what I want. After all, as Harlan Ellison says, "Everyone is entitled to their informed opinion."

But I do know this:

In a perfect world (meaning, one where I'm in charge), people would stop doing the following two things:

1. People would stop saying things like, "If the planet's getting hotter, how come it snowed last night?" or "How come the temperature was below zero last night? Huh? Huh?" If you ask things like that, you don't understand the concept.

2. People would stop saying that the whole idea of climate change is something that Al Gore dreamed up. Please. Have a look at this:

That was filmed in 1958. Al Gore was ten. If climate change is indeed "his idea," he must have been a very precocious kid.

Having said all that, the following is in the interests of "equal time":

Thanks for your time.

P.S. ~~ Oh, crap. I must have leaned the wrong way while I was typing this post; all the damned jokes fell off the screen.


  1. Wait a minute!

    Isn't the shores of Florida eroding? And let's not get into New Orleans.

    But all that carbon stuff can't be healthy for our lungs. That alone is a reason get less in the air. Nope, not giving up my mini van. First they need to make cheap hybrid mini van that people can afford.

    I finished up the last Ugly chapter.

  2. lol I am a person who thinks the earth is going to do whatever the hell she chooses to do and we are arrogant fools for thinking we have so much control. :)


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