This blog is officially "retired," but my other blog,
"The Lair of the Silver Fox," is still open for business!

Friday, May 6, 2011

HOLY CRAP! (or, "Thy Patience Hath Been Rewarded... Sorta")

Sneaky little sucker that I am, I decided to slip this post quietly into my David'Z RantZ Archives.

It's just an update of my last post from March 22nd, 2009, really.

At that time, I was suffering from a combination of blogger burn-out and the crushing concerns of the "real" world. So I put this blog on "hiatus," deciding to concentrate on my other blog, The Lair of the Silver Fox, which was then devoted to "real" writing. You know, stories and the like.

I really intended to revive this blog at some point, but... that was then, this is now.

My "RantZ" have become a greater part of what I lovingly call my "Foxyblog," along with the celebrity "death" tributes, and all the other shit stuff that used to fill this blog.

So it's doubtful I'll ever feel a real need to return to this blog, creatively speaking. But if you found this blog due to a happy accident, please feel free to browse. And I also cordially invite you to check out The Lair of the Silver Fox.

So it goes.

See you on The Lair of the Silver Fox, I hope, and thanks for your time.


  1. Whoa, you shocked my yahoo feed back to life. :-)

  2. Ha! That was my plan. (Well, one of 'em, anyway.) I have a lot of readers on my other blog, but people keep finding this blog through the 'net, so I figured, what the heck...

  3. This blog post is great. I've been reading your blog posts regularly and I think they're great! Keep up the excellent work! Followed!

  4. Just for kicks, I thought I'd see if you had added anything to this blog...and Lo and Behold! There is (sort of) another post!...Paul Howley

  5. @Paul: I like to offer a little surprise now and then.

  6. What a precious photo! It seems you were serious about ignoring this blog but I has to comment anyway!

  7. I thought people would like to see a photo of a real silver fox...

  8. Haha now you are playing with my mind, you sly fox. I have never seen a silver fox, I did see a red one not to long ago. It just trotted in front of my car as if to say ‘do you see me”. Of course I saw him as he stood there glaring at me. It seemed like a surreal moment. Perhaps, he wanted me to be more alert or aware of what is going on around me. Hey, just a thought!

  9. Gee, True, I thought the only thing one saw on Connecticut roads were deer... and more deer... and more deer...

    What made you decide to visit my old blog? Just curious.

  10. You will think this strange, but I really don't know how I landed here. I saw the fox and decided to leave a message. I guess you could say I time traveled. haha I have many encounters with animals in the most unexpected places. Such is my life.

  11. Well, however you got here, it's nice to get a new comment on this blog. It's been three years since the last one!


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